Independent Building Inspections – Do I Need One?

An independent building inspection or property inspection is something that you shouldn’t overlook when buying a residential or commercial property. The reason being that you require as much information as you can in regards to the structural building integrity of the property as well as knowing if there are any hidden surprises that you weren’t aware of that could set you back thousands of dollars, building inspections in Melbourne or anywhere else will alleviate any concerns you may have

Is there Termite Damage?

If the building is older than 5 years old, you should also get a building termite(pest)inspection conducted as the existence of termites could cost you many thousands of dollars to rectify any damage caused to any structural building timbers within the property.

Termites eat all the timber from inside out without you even now that they are there, so a building pest inspection should be always added on as an extra, you will know whether or not there are signs of infestation or if any pests are directly detected in the property. If there are signs of termite infestations, you may want to hold off on buying the property until the defect has been rectified.

Even if you take care of the damage yourself, doing so now makes it easier and less expensive to take care of the problem.

Are there any building defects?

You may not notice the rotten weatherboards or the slope of the land that’s causing water to flow back towards the foundations.  Having an independent building inspection conducted gives you the time to get an objective look at a home’s condition from a professional who knows what to look for.

Will the subfloor be inspected?

Yes, the subfloor is inspected as long as there is access to do so and a subfloor inspection is very critical as there may be termite damage to the structural elements of the property that can affect the integrity of the property of there could be dampness caused by broken pipes of damage below bathrooms where plumbers have cut out the joists/bearers making room for there waste pipes without telling the owner and compromising the safety of the property. Click here,

Is the Roof Space Inspected?

Yes, the roof space is and should always be inspected as again there might be termite damage to the rafters or floor joists, you can also see if there are any broken tiles or any damage to the metal roofing due to rust, these are also critical items that require your attention, and you should know if there are any hidden surprises.

Is there the presence of dampness?

The last thing that you want to deal with within your home is water damage. A simple water leak in the roof can turn into a major flood and cause dampness and damage to all your internal areas so you should know whether you require specialist plumbers to rectify any building roofing issues that you were not aware off

All building inspections are conducted by registered Victorian building inspectors and comply with the building guidelines.

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