The 5 Industries That You Will Most Likely Be Injured

Industries most likely to be injured - 4e3333Every profession has specific guidelines and safety precautions that each employee has to follow, but accidents happen and it’s an inevitability that we can’t fully prevent. Certain jobs in the world have a higher probability of injuries and most of the employees are aware that it’s a possibility. So, if you’re wondering about some of the industries with high chances of on-the-job accidents, we’ve come up with 5 professions that could get you injured if you’re not careful.

The Workers’ Compensation

Every job should have a clause in its contract that states this point about possible insurances that could be needed for the benefit of every employee and worker. The personal injury lawyers at believe that if you are seriously hurt due to an accident at work or while performing your job, then your injury and suffering should be compensated. Also, any medical bills should be reimbursed in full with extra to make up for any lost paychecks during your recovery time.

You will need legal representation to make sure the insurance from your workers’ compensation takes place. But if it doesn’t or the offer you get isn’t good enough to cover your expenses, then you will need to file for a claim and get a better deal that suits you.

The Five Industries in Question

These jobs seem simple and normal to anyone, but the probability of getting injured working there is much higher than any other profession in the world. Let’s dive deeper and learn more about these industries listed below.

1. Construction 

It’s a sad statistic but the department of labor has announced that there is a one out of five chance of someone getting fatally injured in the construction business. In 2018, 47% of work-related injuries occurred in this industry. It could be from accidental falls, getting caught in or between a heavy object, getting struck by a heavy or sharp object, and electrocutions. Even though workers and engineers are wearing helmets, it’s not enough to protect anyone from the difficult and scary freak accidents that might happen

2. Warehousing

This is another profession that could lead to terrible injuries. This job needs a great deal of heavy lifting, bending, twisting, and working with heavy machinery. All of that might cause severe injuries, whether it’s muscle tears, slipping or falling, getting hit by a forklift, severe cuts, broken bones, concussions or any traumatic brain injury from falling cargo hitting the head. You shouldn’t do this job alone.

Depending on how big the warehouse is, it might take a while until someone notices you’re hurt. There must always be cameras, alarms, and other people who know you’re working and where

3. Logging or Wood Manufacturing

This job needs employees and workers to work with heavy machinery and sharp objects too; not to mention that a rope might snap, and logs might fall on the workers. Employees tend to saw, shape, laminate, and assemble heavy logs daily. This causes many possibilities for injuries.

The injuries include amputation from misusing chainsaws or other heavy/sharp tools and machinery, concussions, severe cuts and bruises, broken bones from getting crushed by a heavy log, and other serious injuries. Especially if you are standing at the wrong place when a tree is falling down.

4. Transportation 

The commercial and private businesses that have a fleet of trucks that carry cargo back and forth or airlines are always prone to accidents. Whether it is during the loading process, when they’re on the road, or in the air, accidents tend to happen quite often. It could be plane crashes, road accidents, or cargo falling on someone. Truck drivers, loaders, and pilots need to be extremely careful on the job.

5. Commercial Fishing

You’d be surprised at just how dangerous fishing can be when it’s a commercial business. Thousands of fishermen are prone to accidents and injuries because of mistakes during unloading at the docks, falling overboard because of storms, ship instability, and damages because of collisions, flooding, and large waves. The seas are dangerous places and all of these accidents have a high probability of happening.

Every employer should have all the necessary safety measures that would keep their employees safe and well-protected. As a job seeker, it’s prudent to understand all the possible outcomes of the industry you choose to work in. Also, it’s the employer’s job to mention it thoroughly and openly too. So, you need to make sure that you’re 100% focused and wary of everything during your working hours to prevent any possible accidents; your safety is paramount.


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