How to Get an Inexpensive Divorce in North Carolina

Getting a divorce has never been easy, but don’t you think it’s time for a change? Long exhausting hours in court, sleepless nights full of stress and anxiety, a pile of bills on the table are the things that everyone tries to avoid when filing for a divorce.

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There are several things you can do to save yourself time, money, and your precious nerves.

Understand the legal process

Instead of going through legal chaos while getting a divorce, you can save yourself some frustration by learning about the process. Once you understand all the factors that can influence the price of your divorce, you can easily find the cheapest solutions.

If you understand the procedure, you will have a fair choice about what you should and shouldn’t do. You won’t have to worry about mistakes that could lead to extra expenses.

In North Carolina, like most states, you can find such solutions as an uncontested divorce, DIY divorce, divorce mediation (instead of a pricey lawyer), and other simple options. You can also find all the necessary information from legal web resources, which will show you the forms needed for your case and the fees to pay.

And yet, if you don’t have legal training, it may be hard to wrap your head around these legal issues. That’s where online assistance becomes a valuable option.

Choose an uncontested divorce

Usually, getting a divorce means that both spouses are pretty much on the same page about what they want. In this case, uncontested divorce is the best way to solve your issues amicably and quickly. In an uncontested divorce, spouses manage to solve all divorce-related matters before going to court. If you are going to pursue an uncontested divorce in North Carolina, you need to file a “no-fault” divorce. There is no need to point fingers or prove that your spouse was why your marriage didn’t work. And you won’t need much legal help from third parties.

There are just 2 conditions you must follow:

  1. Either you or your spouse must be a resident of North Carolina for at least 6 months.
  2. Both spouses must occupy separate residences for no less than a year.

Consider DIY divorce

Do-It-Yourself divorce is considered to be the cheapest option. Check your local court’s website to get the necessary instructions and find the forms required for your case.

If your divorce is uncontested, you may do everything yourself without help from attorneys. You can prepare and file all the forms and documents yourself. When the paperwork is done, the only mandatory expense left is paying the court fees.

If you can’t afford the filing fees, you can request the court in North Carolina to waive the fee. To do that, you will have to file a “Petition to Proceed as Indigent” and wait for approval. When your request is approved, it means that you don’t have to pay anymore.

However, if you want to get help face-to-face, you may still go to the court, where court clerks will help you find the needed paperwork. Some courts even provide free divorce packets either in person or online. If you need any assistance representing yourself in court – you may find a family law facilitator.

Use online services

When you don’t have any legal training, you may find the divorce process quite confusing and complicated. The good news is you don’t need training if you use assistance online. Online divorce is the best way to free yourself from all the paper chaos. You won’t have to search for the forms applicable to your case. You just have to answer several questions so that the online service can automatically provide you with the appropriate forms and instructions on the next steps.

The main advantage of online services is that you don’t even have to leave your house to complete the paperwork. Everything can be done online, and you get your completed divorce paperwork in 2 days. Moreover, it won’t cost much, saving you lots of money on attorneys and clerks.

Consider divorce mediation

Each divorce is different, but not each one can be solved without any issues along the way. If you and your spouse can’t reach an agreement on some aspects of your divorce, you should consider divorce mediation.

Mediation is not free, but it is way more affordable than a lawyer. Mediation services in North Carolina can be used to work out a marital settlement agreement that you will present to the court. The best thing about mediation is that it can be done in just a few hours online or in person.

Today online services can help you with every aspect of your life, and divorce is no exception. Choose wisely, search wisely, and you will succeed with getting a dissolution of marriage as soon as possible with the least amount of stress and expenses.

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