Influence of Technology on the Gambling Industry

With so many people stuck inside due to the coronavirus pandemic, the gambling industry has boomed. In addition, with a lot technological advancements, many people are now using their mobile devices to play online casino games or pokies online. This has resulted in the mobile gaming industry to be worth over $150 billion.

Betting casino gambling - image 49939 - gambling industryWhile some may not support technology, it has brought many positive benefits to people’s lives. In fact, some things are done in much less time now, making people’s lives better. Speaking of which, the gambling industry has benefited greatly due to technology. Below, we look at the influence of technology on the gambling industry. Read on to find out more.

Technology and the Betting Shop

For the longest time, people were used to placing their bets at traditional betting shops. However, this is not the case anymore. In fact, brick and mortar betting shops are suffering due to online betting and mobile betting. Where bettors originally needed to visit betting shops to place bets, now they can do that in the comfort of their homes or at the office using their computers or mobile devices.

Technology has also resulted in innovations at local betting shops. In fact, there is now the use of touch screens at betting shops. These have made betting shops less boring because it allows gamblers to socialise, at the same time. This means that no matter how convenient online gambling is, it can never replace the social aspect that traditional betting shops bring.

How Have Mobiles and Apps Changed the Face of Betting

Over the past few years, the mobile gambling industry has risen by over 85%. This has seen the amount of bets done via mobile devices rising to over $200 billion worldwide. Gamblers now use their mobiles to place all types of bets, including online casino gambling at bestcasinositesonline online casino, sports betting, scratch card, as well as playing the lottery.


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