Infographics for Beginners – Use a Template

An infographic is an image created to communicate complex information quickly and clearly. They’re often used to present data in a visually appealing way, making them a popular tool for marketing, business, and educational purposes. Infographics can be very effective, but they need to be well-designed and informative in order to be effective.

If you’re just starting out with infographics, there are dozens of different free infographic templates to choose from,  each one a simple design that’s easy to update and customize.  If you’re planning to create an infographic of your own, it can be very helpful to start with one of those infographic samples that you can easily find online. Recommended: What Is an Infographic: Types, Examples, Tips


Here are some of the benefits of using a template rather than starting from scratch:

#1 Using an Infographic Sample Means No Experience Required

Because there are so many different kinds of infographics, it can take years before you learn how to make them yourself. Even if you’ve spent time learning all about the different elements and types of design, it’s still easy to make mistakes or miss important details. Starting with a sample or template helps you avoid this issue completely by eliminating the need for any kind of experience whatsoever!  Not only do they simplify the process, but they also take care of many of the details automatically, allowing you to focus on designing your infographic rather than learning the ins and outs of all the tools involved.


#2 Free Infographic Templates Make It Easy to Get Started

Even if you’re an experienced designer, it can be hard to get started creating an infographic without a project.  Especially for newbies, having some kind of template to kickstart a project makes it easy to get started right away instead of spending hours staring at a blank page trying to come up with ideas. With so many different free templates out there, it’s possible to find something that matches your topic perfectly and jump straight into design!  Not only will starting with a pre-loaded template save time and energy, but it can also be more effective than working without that foundation.

#3 More Time for Creativity

When you’re creating an infographic there’s a lot to do, including research, data entry, and design.  Each of these tasks is part of the creative process, so taking care of some or all of them ahead of time gives you more time for the final project. Using a template frees up extra time so you can focus on being creative with your topic instead of worrying about the small stuff! Not only will this give you room to be creative in how you present your information, but it’ll also help you avoid any potential mistakes caused by rushing through the earlier stages.


#4 Fewer Errors

One of the most common mistakes for new designers is creating an infographic that’s ineffective, either because it doesn’t follow proper design principles or because there are too many problems with its content.  Because templates take care of some important parts of the process automatically, they reduce the likelihood of error and help you avoid making those first-time mistakes. It should also be mentioned that many templates offer fully customizable layouts and backgrounds for greater control over your final product. With a template, there’s less potential to make mistakes during preloaded content as well as more room for later project customization.

#5 Customizing Your Own Project Is Easier than Starting from Scratch

Starting with a template isn’t the only way to get creative.  When you start from scratch, you have almost unlimited freedom to make your infographic work however you want. Unfortunately, this lack of limitations can be overwhelming and take away from how much time you actually spend being creative! Even if you’re experienced at creating infographics, creating one entirely on your own takes up valuable time that could be better used elsewhere.

With all that in mind, it makes sense to use an effective template when creating an infographic instead of designing one completely on your own or starting with something less accessible. Not only does it save time and energy by eliminating the learning curve involved in making infographics, but it also frees up more creativity so you can focus on what really matters. And, thanks to the variety of options out there, it’s easier than ever to find a custom template that perfectly fits your infographic topic and design needs!

#6 A Free Infographic maker is very easy to find!

If you’re looking for a free infographic maker, Venngage is an excellent option. The site provides templates with all of the elements organized into sections such as title blocks and boxes, fonts, colors, icons, and more – making it easy to customize them until they’re just right. It also has some great tutorials if you need guidance on how to use these features. It has the features and graphics that other similar sites charge for as well as options to make custom infographics tailored to your needs. You can create them without having any design skills or knowledge by simply following the tutorials available on their site. Why not give Venngage a try today?

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