Innovative Ideas for Online Fundraising

In the past two years, people have gotten used to doing things online. Even in recent months, after most of society has gotten back to business as usual, many students are still learning online, adults are working remotely, and people of all ages are using the Internet to buy goods, socialize with friends, and perform other everyday tasks. 

Organizations that want to raise money for good causes can take advantage of the recent switch to online-only activities by putting together online fundraisers. Read on to find out about some of the most effective and innovative ideas for getting started.

1. Hold an Online Auction

Auctions have long been a popular method for raising funds for charities and other organizations. While in-person auctions may still struggle to find attendees in many parts of the country, holding an online auction will allow people to participate from anywhere. Organize the auction well in advance and make sure to publicize it on the organization’s website and social media pages in addition to sharing information via local news outlets and blogs.

2. Live-Stream a Fundraiser

Live-streaming is a great way to attract new donors via a variety of platforms. Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live are all great options, though it’s also fine to pre-record some elements of the live stream. Try to keep things relatively short, and give participants plenty of opportunities to get involved by hosting virtual tours, webinars, or panel discussions.

3. Plan a Virtual Concert

Historically, musicians have been happy to donate their time to a good cause. While some bands and individual performers are still hesitant to go back to packing stadiums, almost all of them are used to playing virtual concerts and mini-festivals these days. Plan the concert in advance, live-stream the performances, and ask people to purchase tickets by donating to the nonprofit.

4. Online Galas

It may sound strange to host a virtual gala dinner, but this technique has been working well for many nonprofits and charity organizations in recent years. Partner with a local restaurant that will give the organization a percentage of all its sales made through the gala page, and think about sending a “party in a box” to each participant to create an online atmosphere of shared festivity. People who aren’t willing to risk in-person events yet may also be happy to donate the money they would otherwise have spent on travel and gala expenses.

5. Virtual Movie Nights

Virtual movie nights are easy to organize and they appeal to wide audiences. All event organizers have to do is get everyone to join a chat room and start watching the movie together. A team member from the organization can facilitate discussions, which can be a great way to get conversations going about the cause. Just make sure to choose a documentary or a fictional film that is obviously related to the nonprofit or charity and make it clear that the event is about supporting the cause, not just watching a movie together.

Start Planning Now

There’s no reason for organizations to limit themselves to just one avenue of online fundraising. Start with the basics like online auctions, then branch out from there. Leave adequate time for planning and marketing the event, see how it goes, and make adjustments to the plan as needed.

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