4 Insane Things You Can Do with Cryptocurrency

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Some people find it fun to use cryptocurrency, that is why they try insane things with cryptocurrency. Many take cryptocurrencies seriously for investment purposes, while some others are involved in it for fun. Hence, I am here today to give you some important information about the cryptocurrency.

I have been using bitcoin for the past, so many years hence I know some of the funny tricky things that you can do with some of the cryptocurrencies. You know some of the most insane things that you can do with cryptocurrency has been listed here. I do not if you have ever tried doing anything insane, but I can list some of the insane things that you can try.

Things That You Can Do with Cryptocurrency

I do not have any idea how many crazy things have you tried in life, but I will tell you how about some crazy things you can do using the cryptocurrency. You must be shocked to know that there is nothing that bitcoin can not buy for you.

1. Costliest Flight Ever

We often choose the cheapest flight to fly abroad but have you ever thought that you could go abroad with the most luxurious flight?

Now you can; if you have bitcoin, I have often come across many people who seem worried about the bitcoin asset they have; they think how they can use the bitcoin. But I am telling you to trust me the best way to utilize your bitcoin is by making your travel extremely luxurious. Imagine you can go abroad on one of the costliest flights, and most of us don’t or can not afford this facility; hence you can try this and enjoy the luxury and the glory.

2. Apple iOS 11 Pro

Woh!! Isn’t that fab? You can get your Longley awaited Apple iOS using the bitcoins. I am sure there is no one on earth who would deny this offer. You can easily buy yourself an Apple iOS 11 Pro, which will help you to get your favourite phone.

The excitement and the feeling of getting an Apple iOS 11 Pro are immense, whoever will be able to get it will be very happy. Plus, you will get a discount on the purchase from Amazon and other such e-commerce platforms. The current price of the Apple iOS 11 is $999, and the Apple iOS can be bought in just a single bitcoin. Hence it will be a different experience to buy an iPhone with bitcoin.

3. Ethereum

You can also buy an Ethereum with your bitcoin, but I would say there is no point in buying an Ethereum by selling off a bitcoin. It is better that you keep your bitcoin and buy something else with it. My simple reason for saying this is that using bitcoin, you can buy anything, but using Ethereum, very few things can be bought because bitcoin is very widely accepted, while Ethereum is not widely accepted by everyone and any time.

4. Gold

Well, this is the cleverest thing one can do, you know the price of the bitcoin fluctuates, but the price of the gold does not fluctuate; hence you can easily use the bitcoin to buy gold. The price of the gold remains almost the same; hence one can buy gold using bitcoin and keep it as security. What could be better than you can buy gold without really investing any penny from your pocket?


I am here to tell you all the interesting factors, and I think these are some of the craziest things you can do using bitcoin. If you visit bitcoin world capital, you will get to know more about how many more weird things you can do using your bitcoin. I have questioned myself several times and found this method while there are some other interesting things too. If you liked reading this, then comment below in the comment section; if you have other experiences, then do share with us.

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