Instagram accounts every science lover should follow

In recent years, people have developed a new thirst for knowledge, especially since the COVID 19 pandemic that has many people wanting to understand more about viruses, vaccines, and just life in general. This has resulted in more science accounts popping up on Instagram and many people follow these accounts. There are many niches on Instagram and it is important that science lovers also have accounts with big followings and top-quality content to follow. These accounts act as a source of information and expose their audience to information that they might struggle to access otherwise, or would not think to even research on their own. If you would like to develop your own science Instagram account but don’t have the time to organically grow your follower account, there are many sites available that review the best tools to buy organic Instagram followers. However, if you are just a science lover looking for Instagram accounts to follow, keep reading.

Science museum

The science museum is the Instagram account of the Science museum in London. The account has 234k followers and they post content that includes artifacts and an array of relics that they have on display at the museum. This includes old cards, a telephone from 1863, and even a human skull. Each picture is also captioned with historical information and context about the contents of the picture which is like a digital history lesson on social media. If you’re looking for fun science and history facts and information, this is the account to follow.


NASA has 75.9 million Instagram followers and its account is full of beautiful illustrations and updates on the planet earth and the universe at large. Many of the images on their Instagram page come from staff at NASA and if you scroll down their Instagram feed, you will be captivated by enchanting pictures of galaxies and milky ways. To escape into the world of outer space and also read up on Information about all things space, follow NASA’s account. They even have their astronauts go live on IGlive while in space for exclusive content.

The Mars Curiosity Rover

The mars curiosity rover Instagram account has 222k followers and this is the official account of the rover that went to mars. If you follow this account, you can expect to find pictures of the robot as well as pictures that the robot is said to have captured while exploring mars. For years there have been discussions of colonizing mars so if you’d like to learn more about the Mars curiosity robot and its excursions on Mars, this is the account to follow.

Science channel

The Science channel has 2.2 million Instagram followers and its content ranges from outer space, new technology, basic earth science, and leading scientific explorations. They’ve explored interesting topics such as black holes, how stars were formed in the Milky Way, how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids as well as the science behind how toilets flush. This account provides a broad variety of engaging content that is great for any science lover or general curious mind.

ASAP Science

ASAP Science is a fun and light-hearted science page with 624k IG followers. The page is run by two science buddies who share science humor, funny doodles, memes, and personal photos of the account creators as well as celebrity babies. This account is fun and entertaining which is the opposite of what people generally associate science with being.

Women in STEM ASU

Women in STEM ASU is an account with 652 IG followers. This is the account of the Women in STEM ASU organization that is based at Arizona State University. These women aim to unite women who are interested in STEM subjects and the account is full of photos of female science achievers. This account aims to encourage more women to pursue their interests in STEM and if you are one of these women, this account is one to follow.

So there you have it, some of the best and most popular science accounts for all science enthusiasts. There’s something for everyone, if you’re looking for more information about random historical facts and artifacts, then the Science Museum is the account to follow while the Science channel offers scientific information about a wide range of topics.

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