11 Instagram accounts to follow for brand inspiration

Instagram accounts brand inspiration image 44444No much which industry you are in, if you don’t grow your Instagram profile you are missing out on a lot. The rate at which digital marketing on Instagram is growing, it is projected to overtake even Facebook as the flagship marketing platform. That’s why it is even more important to build your profile, gain Instagram followers and get much-needed engagements from your audience.

Instagram has become a flagship for marketers, brands and influencers to showcase their innovation and creativity. They make use of their talent to post quality and engaging content. For a marketer the creative journey never ends and you can learn a lot of new strategies from some of the most inspiring brands on Instagram. Here we showcase 11 accounts on Instagram, which are perfect for drawing brand inspiration.

1. Instagram

The first name on the list should be no surprise at all. What better brand to get inspiration from other than Instagram’s very own feed? It showcases posts from accounts that form creative posts, take beautiful photos and capture awesome moment with beautiful storytelling. Most of these accounts are selected users that participate in Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project. The users try to capture the decided theme for the weekend and use Instagram’s own hashtag. After that top posts are featured on its own page. So, it becomes a hub of top chosen accounts that are probably the best place to get new ideas and inspiration from.

2. Entrepreneur Magazine

As the name suggests, it is a page that features entrepreneurs. Inspiration stories of founders around the word coupled with awesome captions and mesmerizing visuals make for truly influential brand. They try to capture the experience, the struggle and the success of each entrepreneur and summarize it as concisely as possible. In addition to getting much-needed motivation from these stories, you can also get new ideas about engaging your audience and writing better captions.

3. Canon

In addition to being the best brand for inspiration for photographers, it also provides great ideas and motivation to other marketers as well. Its captions are concise and mostly provide guidance to photographers. They post photos taken from a canon camera and capture the eye of the audience by beautiful shots that capture the gist of the moment. Their Instagram followers have stayed loyal to them over the years. It is owing to the fact that they take first preference in engaging and interacting with their audience.

4. Four Seasons

A Canadian resort company that just knows how to market its amazing delicacies is Four Seasons. Its Instagram page is full of awe-inspiring images of exotic places, much of it is due to its 100 hotels around the globe. In addition to writing luring captions with beautiful visuals, it also organizes contests at a regular basis to keep its followers engaged. Its prize pools are very generous and cover a variety of genre.

5. Richard Branson

Founder to the company Virgin and a famous entrepreneur, Richard Branson is a personal favorite of many Instagrammers.. His account is full of inspiring and motivating business quotes. However, he also posts stories of his travels and meetings with other influencers. If you are running a business and are looking for inspiration, then look no further than Richard Branson.

6. We Work

We work is an Instagram page that shares visuals of creative workspaces with splendid architecture and innovative designs. They attract the attention of their audience with amazing photos and stories and also engage with them on a regular basis. By following We Work you will not only be able to get new ideas about your own workspace but also draw inspiration by the attention to detail.

7. Adobe

Adobe takes great pride in sharing user-generated photos that its users make using its tools. The feature these photos to not only engage with their audience but also give them an incentive to create more fun content using their dedicated software. It’s a great marketing strategy, one that its followers thoroughly admit as well.. Some of these visuals are so stunning that you can’t help but admire the creativity of the taker.

8. Apple

Apple is one of the leading technology brands of the world and their Instagram account is no less impressive. Their name is so well-known that basically their name is a default follow for many people. They share user-generated photos and stories that are shot or taken using their products.

9. Sharpie

Sharpie publishes markers, canvases and templates that people can use to generate inspirational quotes, organize competitions or post other content. They also feature the top content created by their users on their Instagram page.

10. Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is a famous book lover, entrepreneur and influencer who mostly posts inspiring motivational quotes on his account. He burst on to the scene with his “one book a day” challenge where he read and reviewed one book every day of the year. His book choices mostly revolve around self-improvement or business genre. His Instagram page thoroughly depicts his ever-increasing knowledge.

11. Greats

A brand that knows how to be not pushy at all and still get mind-boggling marketing results is Greats. It is a Brooklyn-based sneaker brand that just knows how to market. They key to their success is that provide teasers, adopt creative marketing strategy and provide value to their followers. They don’t try to push their brand like many other accounts.