Instagram Growth: Instagram Profile Marketing Checklist

Instagram marketing on your business accounts is competitive. However, it is not that you can’t achieve the targets or milestones. How to attain business agendas are dependent on certain tips and tricks. Those can be listed in the form of a checklist though and not many are aware of them! That’s the reason why we have opted for a way through which you can have a complete picture of what to do and what to ignore.

Checklist – Instagram Marketing Tactics 2020 

Let’s discuss each one of the mentioned tips to make a checklist complete.

Tip 1: Put Concise and Clear Goals in Writing 

Instagram works like a marketing tool for businesses. However, to know the functions you have to learn as it may hold a different meaning for your business as compared to other businesses. Therefore, if you are looking for anything which is mentioned here, it would be just a great gateway to start with marketing.

  • In case you are looking to create and then boost an online presence to make the business go stable.
  • To broaden branding and awareness related to it.
  • Establishment of a brand and taking it further as an industrial leader
  • If you want to get new leads for your business.
  • Selling products or services through the Instagram app

Without knowing the result or the milestone, nobody can reach the success point. It is because success is a relative term that needs to get defined. Therefore, knowing the strategy of the Instagram business, it would be tough to get the required result.

Tip 2: Understand the Need of Targeted Audience 

Knowing about the targeted audience as in finding out the solution for those who really need it, is highly important. It means, your business on Instagram will have more chances of growth if it reaches the right audience.

That being said, it is all about who should benefit from your product or services. For example, determining the regional or geographical zone, age bracket, and gender would answer many important questions.

Tip 3: Make Impact with 150 Characters 

Your Instagram business account needs a bio with 150 characters. In these 150 characters, you have to make the best impact, cross the meaning and personality of the brand, and also bring in reasons for others to engage themselves in the posts.

That’s too much to ask for, right? Luckily, you have other fields to exhibit yourself as a brand. It includes name, website, call to action tabs, username, category, and contact information.

Tip 4: Appropriate Display of Profile Picture 

Mostly, brands and companies put their logos on the DP (display picture). It works best in making them credible. Also, it helps in allowing visitors to give a holistic idea about the brand. Uploading a logo with 110 (one hundred and ten) pixel diameter seems best.

However, at times logos are square and need to be zoomed to see the whole picture. That’s doable as far as you know what is shown is how it should be shown.

Tip 5: Appealing and Engaging Content 

Remember, Instagram is all about pictures, and for that matter, your posts are required to look good. Pictures and videos are not required to be professionally done. However, they must be good in terms of pixels and quality.

At times, when Instagrammers use infographics, they should be sharp, clear, attractive, and crisp. All your posts must be compelling and something on which engagement can be done.

Tip 6: Maintaining Brand’s Appearance 

To make a brand look great, you need to focus on the type of content you want to share with the audience. Colors, schemes, brand awareness, brand recognition, and decisions on how to make a post help a lot in branding. Consistency in colors and posts will allow you to get recognition.

Tip 7: Making Use of Excellent Captions 

Captions in the posts and pictures are as important as the pictures and videos. Branding voice is equally important as a brand look. Just like your posts, captions should be of the same type. What is meant by that? We mean to say that the captions should be of the same tone, diction, and length. That is determined by the targeted audience.

Instagram captions are usually between 2200 characters. One tip that we would like to give about captions is that detailed posts are surely far read as compared to short captions. It is because more text gives a clearer picture to the post and the audience tends to take more from the post.

Tip 8: Use of Appropriate Hashtags 

Hashtags increase the visibility and exploration of a post in an account. In general, IG users are allowed to use up to 30 hashtags. However, people don’t use all of it. Instagram influencers and professionals recommend using 5 to 6 hashtags. There are reasons for it. First of all, your posts don’t look spammy, don’t look like you are stuffing hashtags, and it doesn’t put off the followers. Remember, being smart in using hashtag makes much more sense. The question as to how to use hashtags smartly is based on three areas.

  • Hashtags should always be relevant to the post
  • Using hashtags that don’t belong to the niche or industry of business is a big no, no.
  • Too many hashtags with follow me connotation is wrong (means, you shouldn’t use hashtags like #followme, #likeme, etc.).

Tip 9: Engaging and Traffic 

In order to keep others engaged in your posts, you have to get engaged on other posts too. It is not wrong that the content should be engaging but it doesn’t mean that you should remain to yourself all the time. You must engage in a comment, like, share, follow other profiles on Instagram too.

Comments that you receive on your feed should be responded to. Besides that, the following profiles that are related to your business or industry must be followed and show yourself as a non-commercial or profitable existence. Times when someone tags you, check their profiles out and find opportunities to engage. Pin comments on top if they are coming from a known personality or celeb. All these tricks will make your posts more engaging and fun.

Tip 10: Implementation of Instagram Stories 

Most of us use Instagram stories. Why do we use it though? It is so that we can get better results in getting leads, get engagement, and more followers, right? Instagram stories also help in telling the story of a business as in what the business is about, how it functions, what is offered, who can take help from the business, etc. Also, it helps in making viewers think faster. For that, the account owner must create small scenes and convey the message faster. Instagram stories provide value and also create brand/business awareness.

Tip 11: Going Live Periodically 

Instagram Live gives many perks. For example, it lets you connect with the audience or fans in real-time. Using this facility Instagram business profile owner can do a number of things. Some of them are mentioned here;

  • Talk to the client or customer
  • Conduct a question and answer session
  • Interviews team member and tell about the company
  • Behind the scenes can be shared on the live session
  • Share tutorials and conduct a live workshop
  • Helps in collaborating with market influencers and can go live together

Tip 12: Creating an Instagram Shop 

This feature is only available for business accounts on Instagram. Online Instagram shop allows the business owner to view and buy products or services from these shops. The audience can see new items in the shop too. Using this feature will let you get more room to display products/services and will also let you reach the targeted audience easily.

Tip 13: Instagram Reel Experimentation

Recently, Instagram launched another feature called “Instagram Reels”. These are somewhat like TikTok posts. However, reels are a bit more to offer than TikTok. This means it is not all about dance challenges. Brands and companies use reels to highlight their products/services. Reels are indeed a unique way of standing out in the crowd.

Tip 14: Posting at Right Time and Day 

Not many know about the best time to post on Instagram. Let us tell you that every industry has its unique time of posting a post. Following are some of the industries and their timings as to when posts should be posted…

  • Technology: at 2 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Professional Services: at 9 AM or 10 AM on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays
  • Education: between 4 and 5 PM on Thursdays
  • Ecommerce (non-retail): at 4 PM or 9 PM on Thursdays
  • Personal Care: between 1 and 3 PM on Thursdays and Fridays
  • Food and Beverages: at 12 PM on Fridays
  • Entertainment and Media: between 12 and 3 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Tip 15: Broaden Audience through Instagram Ads 

Instagram Ads are the surest way of getting posts right on top and in front of the targeted audience. Now, that you know how to use the target audience, you can easily use it in this trick too. All that you will need is to know the following aspects;

  • Location: area, city, country, state, province, etc.
  • Behavior: consumer behavior online as well as the psyche of the audience
  • Demographics: age group, language, and gender

Conclusion – Last Verdict: Instagram Marketing Checklist 

As mentioned above, there are many Instagram marketing tactics that you can use in your daily or periodic posts. They help you in getting traffic, leads, prospects of growth become higher, and boosts visibility.

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