Instagram Removes its “Recent” Tab: How IG Likes Get Your Content on Top?

In our current era, social media is literally everything. If you want to be successful, you’ve got to make it on a social platform (or several) to do so. The problem is, how can you possibly get seen?

All these various platforms are constantly changing things, and then it leaves us scrounging to try to figure out the next move. One recent change made was Instagram choosing to remove the “recent” tab. Everybody loved this tab. We are unsure of the rationale behind the removal, but it means we have to switch gears, right?

Now, the best way to be seen on IG is to get all of the likes! Take a look at this guide for more details on this category.

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We Want Instagram Likes!

We could certainly stand outside rioting and shouting “we want Insta likes,” but in the end, that won’t accomplish our goals. You must take action if you want to be recognized. For a while there, IG actually ran a test of hiding the likes so people wouldn’t know how many there were.

But that didn’t negate their value. It just didn’t make them immediately visible to all. Whether you choose to buy 20 Instagram likes to bring activity to your content, or you are actively engaging, sharing, and promoting, the like factor matters.

The more your post gets anything that equals engagement, the more visible it becomes. So every single like adds up. Every single comment also adds up. The truth is in the details here, really.

All About Algorithm

Try saying that line 5 times fast! These platforms are all similar in some ways and yet all unique in many ways too. They each, including Instagram, have unique algorithms and we don’t always know all the secrets. There are people who work hard to break down the details and figure out how to beat the odds.

We can take our cue from the experts that study these details. The problem is that it’s always adapting. There is no guarantee that what brings likes and drives success today, for example, on Instagram, will be the same tomorrow. That being said, the basics don’t change a lot.

Here are the driving factors for the most part.

  • Choosing to follow other Insta profiles drives visibility
  • Instagram currently favors reels, particularly in suggested feeds
  • Originality and authenticity are major players (as opposed to sharing)
  • Avoid anything with a watermark or outside source
  • Hashtags are no longer king but still valuable
  • Engagement is king now, including likes

When you look at these driving factors, you have quite a bit of wiggle room. But the one thing that really comes into play is, first of all, using the tools that IG puts out there, and the second is finding your way to engagement.

Likes Vs. Alternative Engagement

There are different forms of interaction on Instagram and varying platforms. We are here to talk about likes, but how do those measure against alternative solutions? There are 5 traditional categories that IG considers here:

  • time,
  • comment,
  • save,
  • profile check,
  • likes.

Each of these measures has its own pace.

The measures are derived from how others have acted in the past. If you want to show up on suggested Instagram feeds, you need to be content that statistically is something that had a great number of likes in the past. The same is true of comments, tapping, and so on.

But what we’ve found along the way is that the “like” action on Insta is the most common action. If someone is scrolling, this is the most likely outcome because they can stay on their screen instead of tapping around. If you get that like status aspect, you made an impact.

And then, with others that have similar tastes, you will show up in THEIR Instagram suggestion. And so, the cycle continues over and repeatedly again.

It all matters, but that single factor that just takes the tap of the screen; it’s the ultimate driving factor and the easiest to obtain.

How do you get Instagram likes

But HOW Do You Get Them?

We already talked about the ability to purchase 20 Instagram likes or 1,000. But there are additional measures that you can take to help drive this as well.

Check these quick tips out.

  • Stay Original

Don’t copy everyone else. Take inspiration from things that work but be sure your content is unique and original in the long run. IG notices copying, sharing, etc. And they prefer originality over anything else.

You want to be suggested and noticed? Mind your own business, and that would help you grow!

  • Change it Up

Instagram allows you to make regular posts, create stories, and add fun reels. Right now, reels are a hot topic. However, you don’t want to build your entire profile on just reels to get likes. The best way to be visible and stay on top of IG is to be diverse.

Create some cool posts here and there. Jump in and make some fun reels on occasion. Take advantage of stories. Try a little bit of everything. It’s great to mix it up and spring new things in there. It constantly keeps you moving and puts you in front of different eyes.

  • Where is your favorite place to plug in on Instagram?
  • Do you only scroll through posts?
  • Do you love to watch reels?

We all have preferences so using a little bit of everything makes a difference.

Ultimately, Instagram is “looking” at the post and asking whether or not it’s going to get likes or comments.

  • Always Include CTA
Call to action image 333n333
Image created by Market Business News.

Never make a post on Instagram without a call to action line on it. This can be something as simple as clicking the link in our bio. You can ask a direct question or point people to DO something. But this is very important. It’s one of the identifying factors in the IG algorithm.

The thing about adding a CTA is that it encourages engagement in some way, and therefore, Insta rates it as more likely to get engagement such as likes. Do you see how the system works now? You want to make Instagram believe this post is going to blow the people away. By doing so, the metrics behind getting your post seen acknowledge these little things.

You fool the system into thinking your post is going to be popular with a few minor details, and then the IG platform helps make it more visible.

We all know that algorithm metrics are not always exact. We see plenty of things in our feeds that don’t really appeal to us. But who are we to fight the game? Instead, we can learn to be players for success and just win the game.

Go for Likes!

Houston, we have Instagram likes over here. Creating high-quality content is certainly important. In the end, you want to focus on attracting activity from people outside of your initial account. This means you need all the IG likes that you can possibly get. How you choose to get those is totally up to your own judgment.

Learn how to use the data and tools that are available to you. These small things can often make big differences. If you want a successful Instagram account, take steps to make it there and then like your way to the top!