Instagram vs. Facebook: Which is Better for Business?

Modern social media provide a wide range of alternatives to promote business, increase brand awareness and create a positive perception of the brand, whether it is commercial or personal. And all you have to do is decide which of the social networks will bring more benefits to your business. In this article, we will try to figure out, which of the two most popular social networks can bring you more benefits.

Any marketer can tell you that the age of the Facebook and Instagram audience is different. Even though these networks are driven by the same advert interface, in reality, they have a lot of differences from each other.

It’s also important to note that the users of the two platforms have very different goals. These differences determine the results of ad campaigns on these resources.

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In the past, Instagram was just a repository, which was sometimes looked at, but never taken seriously. There were few tools for advertising, so fiddling with them rarely resulted in anything worthwhile. Now we see a completely different situation. The site has undergone a radical upgrade, which led to a change in indicators not only in terms of the age criterion of users but also in terms of the type of advertising.

Of course, the aesthetic component of the service still prevails over the rest. Even the Instagram logo can immediately identify both the style and purpose, as well as the potential audience of the social network.

After the Instagram and Facebook merger, the first social media started using the favorite trick of Zuckerberg — commercial ads. And as time shows, it was a super good decision. So now you don’t even have to be registered on Instagram, because the advertising account is linked to FB Ads Manager. The social networks are now synchronized.

Compared to Facebook, the main Instagram ads benefit is the integration. On Facebook, this method of promotion is not as popular, as the most famous social media in the world uses a more serious and centrifuged approach, keeping all forces under one roof.

On Instagram, advertisers mostly work with bloggers directly. Studies show that people who have accounts with a large number of subscribers and an active audience of more than 1K, can advertise targeted products and earn money.


Ads Manager is now the most convenient tool for distributing ads. Thanks to its advanced functionality, each user can select the target audience of the advertising post almost to the “point of entry,” which greatly improves the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. And the micro-targeting feature allows for significant budget savings. And it gives the social network a big plus.

If you are still not sure which audience will be interested in your products and services, Facebook will research them for you and select the best solution.

Facebook is undoubtedly superior to Instagram in terms of customer-centricity. Instagram is more colorful and creative, but the lightweight and user-friendly features of the social network with the most recognizable logo Facebook wins in ease of customization.

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The commitment of the clientele relies on the right choice of the social network. Instagram specialists point to young people as the main target user, and mostly ladies under the age of 24. As a rule, they are also active users of social networks from the big city. Also, similar to Twitter, Instagram offers convenient options for the effective use of hashtags.

According to experts, Instagram provides great opportunities for brand promotion that are easy to visualize. It’s the best social network for promotion if your product or service is aesthetically pleasing to look at. You have a chance to create popular content if you’re a professional photographer, event planner, handmade craftsman, or have a home bakery. Such users will easily find an audience on this social network.


Facebook marketers distinguish their audience as serious professionals who cover a wide field of professional activities. The main mass of Facebook users – people aged 25 to 50 years old with high social status and at least average income.

The most promising services and products to promote on Facebook are aimed at a serious solvent audience. The social network encourages conferences, business training and seminars will be in demand here. Also, companies providing services in the field of design will feel at home.

Of course, each entrepreneur chooses a social network based on its target audience.



While Facebook has a chaotic and uncontrollable algorithm for giving outposts, Instagram gives every subscriber a chance to appear in the news feed. You can find your audience in competitor groups or by targeted hashtags.

Numerous studies claim that there are more visuals in the world. Therefore, photo content will help you break through to the tops much faster than text.


Facebook only posts promotional information with appropriate tagging, and for self-branding, it’s not the best alternative. And this category is probably the only one in which Facebook loses badly to Instagram.

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