Instagrammable Restaurants in Singapore

Before bidding adieu to the wondrous place that is Singapore, restaurant hopping is as much an enjoyable obligation that is a mortal sin if you don’t indulge in when you are visiting the Lion City. You will have missed a tenth of your life when these restaurants have not been part of your travels.

La Fez Cafe & Bakery

In the not so far district of Siglap in Eastern Singapore, you will be experiencing authentic Moroccan delights when you step onto the floors of La Fez Cafe & Bakery.

This Muslim inspired cafe is simmering with golden tones all around its environment. Marrakesh is evident in both its menu and aesthetics.

The place does try its best to retain its exotic atmosphere. When you partake of mint tea, Lamb tagine, shakshuka and other delightful offerings, you’ll be enjoying a grand Moroccan influenced dining experience.

Your meal won’t be complete when you top them all off with a Moroccan 50 percent Espresso called a Nous Nous. By this time, you would have exploited the use of your smartphone camera to capture your Instagrammable moments.

Pastel hues flow into everything that happens at La Fez – from the delicate desserts to the cute teapots, the provincial rattan chairs to the elegant Middle Eastern ornaments.


As a brand, PAZZION is best known for its bags and footwear for women. But in this much sought after place in Jewel Changi, this Singapore bred shoe label still has this popular merchandise and much more. It’s a multi dimensional space that is also frequented by both locals and tourists as a bistro.

Side by side with its boutique portion is the fashionable cafe that comfortably sits 45 guests. While you’re there, partake of their refreshing brewed coffee which is in a constant chorus with their much in demand fare of pasta, burgers, desserts and pastry.

But what really sets this cafe cum boutique apart is its scenic outdoor seating section which is strategically located next to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

It would be best to reserve a table near the railings so that your social media shots will be the talk of your peers for the next week or so. Enjoy the view while relishing a King Prawn Linguine together with a cup of chilled brewed coffee.

Cafe de Nicole’s Flower

Last but not the least in our list of Instagrammable restaurants in Singapore, is this unique concept. If your idea of a relaxing place with foods and drinks is themed with floral accents, step into Cafe de Nicole’s Flower for the merging of 3 different elements which tingle your senses – desserts, coffee and blossoms.

It was just simply a flower shop, when it was established by Nicole Chen, a florist by profession. But then she sensed a business opportunity, so the place was expanded to blossom into a full service Cafe at the east side.

Multiple species of flowers adorn every spot in the adorable Cafe and the floral theme doesn’t disappoint in the entry being offered – the cakes, pastries and drinks are topped off or garnished with flora for Instagrammable objectives.

All this charm doesn’t end there. There’s a citizen inside the cafe in the person of Lao Ban (Boss in Mandarin), a proud feline who’s eager to have selfies with you.

And yes, of course, the flowers are for sale too.

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