Where to Install Security Cameras for your Business

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When you own your own business, you have many different concerns. You need to consider how to market your products and establish systems to keep the books in order, but you also need to protect your physical assets. For many companies, the answer is a top-of-the-line security camera system. However, any security camera solution is only as good as your ability to place them. Here are the best places to install security cameras.

The Front Door

Protecting your business starts at the front door. Besides being an access point for many burglars, having a camera at the front door lets you identify people who visit your business and see when you get a delivery. For the best protection, use a front door camera in conjunction with an outdoor camera that looks out on the street or driveway.


Most burglars are opportunists. They try to take advantage of any opportunity to gain access to your business. Windows are a perfect example. They are easy to break, are sometimes left open and may act as a temptation if they show off something of value. Because of this, having a camera directed on each of your windows is smart, especially those located on the ground floor.


In general, you will also want to have cameras trained on your valuables. For a retail location, this could include the cash register and inventory, while a more data-intensive business might want a camera trained on its servers. Use your discretion. Just imagine where an intruder might stand to access those valuables and train a camera on that spot.


Stairways are another good opportunity for commercial security camera placement. Place one on the stairs leading up to your office or on the stairs between the basement and the first floor. Just make sure that the camera you select has motion detection and night vision so you can see what is going on if something happens.

Camera Security

You have to be smart about where you place the cameras as well. Location matters for coverage, but consider how you place the cameras as well. For instance, you should make sure that any camera is around 9 feet off the ground. This height makes it difficult for anyone to tamper with the device. Similarly, you may want to protect your security cameras with a bit of mesh. While this could limit what you can capture on video, it helps protect your cameras from being struck with a rock or stick.

Security Camera Installation Tips

Outdoor security cameras often need extra care. Make sure that you chose a security camera solution that is designed to be outside. Weatherproof systems make a big difference, but that’s only a start. Keeping the camera under shelter will help protect it from the elements and help you get better video quality, especially in rain or snow. Also, make sure that your business security cameras are free from obstructions and pointed away from light sources — this will help you get the best images possible.

Securing Your Business

When you take the time to install your commercial security camera solutions the right way and in the right places, you set your business up to be more secure. Always have a camera trained on the front door, windows and other access points. It is also important to follow security camera best practices, such as installing the cameras at a height that puts them out of reach or making sure the camera is sheltered. Business camera security solutions will help keep your company, assets and employees safe when you install them correctly.