Instant boost to your Response rates by SMS Survey 

As a business or product owner, you have always struggled to acquire quick, direct, and hassle-free feedback from your genuine consumers. Sometimes you want to expand your approach and improve your strategies to reach every client that even doesn’t have his email address. Most of the time your money and energy are squandered when people don’t even bother to open emails or long-form feedback forms. Also listening to your users is very essential for you to grow


SMS survey  allow you to directly send text messages to rate your product or send direct links. SMS surveys have been shown to enhance response rates by 22% which allows you to boost your conversion rate. It is because of their conversational dialogue, simple for clients to understand, and their direct format. Text SMS are more personal and right on the point than emails or other survey forms. They typically get on-the-spot responses and thus save time, which benefits both sides of the screen. However, not all text surveys yield results in this streamlined fashion. Here’s the remedy to assure your smooth sailing.


 Qwary Software always has a quick fix for any of your troubles modifying the conventional and ordinary survey standards. We understand how critical and challenging these two-way communication surveys are, so we’ve introduced a cost-effective text or SMS Survey feedback approach! 

It smoothens the challenging job of creating survey questions, collecting customer satisfaction, their feedback, and their comments, and analyzing through edge-to-edge encryption. The process is trouble-free and easy to deploy. It will bridge the communication gap, due to language barriers or customers, hectic schedules. 

What’s better than saving your and clients’ time by using such surveys rather than making phone calls and interrupting them. Text messages can be leveraged through a relatively simple process, selecting or syncing the customers’ contact numbers and sending them. Create your customized message, including user pain points, allowing your customers to receive faster and more timely responses on their mobile phones thus making the process uncomplicated.


You can map your ride experience by collecting data through this interactive approach. It helps you to know your pluses and minuses, your strong and weak points. Create customized messages to better evaluate your performance and obtain all necessary information. It shows you where you may enhance your product or service, how the audience prefers it, and what your system lacks. As a result, you will be able to make more conversions. Don’t forget to inform your clients that you will be working on lacking fields and to praise them for their participation to get more accurate responses each time.


Users generally enjoy sharing their thoughts and experiences with you. They are interested in taking brief, on-the-spot SMS surveys to rate your business. Their admiration and criticism are always constructive, leading to better products and greater customer satisfaction. Winning peoples’ mind is the most challenging job. So make them know that their time and feedback are valued. At the conclusion, send them a thank-you note to show that you care and appreciate them. 


Remember to briefly hit the pain point of your client in your first text message to grab more attention. You can also kindly remind them to get back to you at their earliest availability. With the aid of smart scheduling, Qwary enables you to send SMS messages at times when you are most likely to receive replies. You can always include a clear call to action in these texts to bring more opportunities and increase buy-ins.

Use the SMS text feedback service soon after purchasing the service, or after using the service to gather more accurate and fresh answers from your customer.


Qwary SMS survey is one of the simplest ways to evaluate clients’ experience. Using Qwary SMS survey service, you can make your feedback-getting journey easier and less troublesome. It offers you a demo to see the tutorial. Use can also avail FREE TRIAL to get a free tour to the SMS survey for your business. This makes us stand out from other survey companies.

Qwary also ensures no third person interrupts your journey and provides end-to-end coverage. It makes analyzing results smarter than ever through keyword collection and sorting out each response. This is how Qwary empowers each response and enables you to take away from each and every comment.

Qwary SMS survey works on fortifying the relationship with your users and helps you retain them by helping you with capturing feedback and initiating a good conversion that ends swiping of the customers’ card. We are aware of the fact how important is to build healthy and mutual terms with your users. Measuring clients’ happiness and satisfaction through this tool is now more easy. Leverage Text messages after having full confidence by using DEMO and FREE TRIAL services by Qwary. Go to win customers’ confidence and loyalty in a simple go!

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