Insulated Boxes- Great Products

Are you seeking a convenient location to store your frozen valuables? But, which container is best? Don’t worry; here in this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best-insulated container Olivo. So, are you ready to explore it!


Insulated boxes are the type of boxes that are used to ship sensitive food items. These insulated containers play a very significant role in the food industry. Moreover, it has been said that all the insulated boxes are required to enter under the essential technical standards of ATP. The basic Atp standards revolve around two classes: typical insulation to Reinforced insulation. Moreover, these insulated boxes are fitted with the ATP plate.

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The best-insulated boxes

The insulated plastic containers are known for their great use-These boxes not only help preserve the food items but also bring a revival in the field of cold logistics. The exquisite design and unique features are something that amazed its users. There are thousands of goods you can choose But here we will discuss the only three significant products. So, are you ready to dive into the details of the products and their specifications?

  • Box 64

This box 64 is one of the most popular products. Olivo is the manufacturer of this box 64, which measures 595*395*370mm. 595 x 395 x 455 mm (L x D x H) is the outside dimension in millimetres. Furthermore, the product’s internal volume is around 50 liters, and the insulating substance utilized is polypropylene. The box is quite useful and can be used to stack boxes. Furthermore, this box 64 comes with two handles for the convenience of its customers. There is also a dry ice storage net area in box 64

  • Box 35

Box 35 is another fantastic and intriguing olivo product. The dimensions of this product 35 are approximately 570*370*317mm. The insulated box has a 35-liter capacity and is made of the best-insulated bag material available. Insulation is provided using polypropylene. According to the specifications, product 35 includes space for pacing stackable boxes. Furthermore, the insulated box has two side handles.

  • Box 500 

Box 500 is another excellent olivo product. The product 500 is approximately 800*1200*1270*mm.m 800 x 1200 x 1270 mm (L x D x H) is the outside dimension in millimeters. Furthermore, the product can conveniently transport a volume of 515 liters. The box’s chest and lid are mainly composed of food-grade material, but the other components, such as the chest, are made of a different one.

There are new noise reduction features in this product: four wheels, two of which are fixed, and two brakes will be employed in noise reduction. Furthermore, this device has the option of using a magnet to open the door. It’s also water-resistant. Not only does the door open through, but it also has two metal handles on the back. The maximum temperature this device can withstand is 270 degrees Celsius. Thus any temperature change could cause it to perform less efficiently.

Well, insulated boxes are a standard product. Thus, it has a wide range of products and companies to choose from, based on the specifications. So far, we’ve just attempted to discuss some of the most popular items of 2021.


These insulating box manufacturers have launched some of the latest applications, including last-mile services: this is a service that ensures that every client’s insulated box has been delivered to their home. Another great application is “Catering Food.” This is the application that allows that insulated bags are provided and functioning correctly in schools and hospitals.

The transporting foodstuff or the insulated food container are the containers that ensure that every temperature-sensitive food has been appropriately packed in the container and will be delivered on time and with ease.


As a result, we have explored some of the essential elements of cold logistics and have concluded that the product of insulated boxes is of so much use.