Why Do Insurance Companies Ignore Your Mental Health?

Mental isn’t taken as serious by it should be in our country. Many people still believe your mental health is easily fixable and poses no serious threat to “regular” people. Thankful, mental health awareness has increased over the last few years, but not everyone in our country fully understands the importance of mental health.

Mental health image for article - 3983983983Whenever you break your harm, you visit a doctor to treat your injuries. The same applies to your mental health. Experiencing a traumatic accident usually requires the assistance of a licensed therapist to being your emotional healing. If you’re ever involved in a traumatic accident, you’ll need your mental health treated along with your physical health.

A Milwaukee personal injury lawyer will understand your mental pain and suffering and help you win compensation for your damages. However, insurance companies will pretend your emotional trauma and damages aren’t as dangerous as you’re claiming. The following are reasons why insurance companies ignore your mental and emotional scars during your injury claim.

Insurance Companies Do Not Want to Pay You

Insurance companies will ignore your mental and emotional damages because they do not want to pay you for your psychological trauma. When you’re attempting to receive compensation for your property damage, medical bills, and or lost wages, the potential amount of money owed to you can be tremendous.

As huge emotionless corporations, insurance companies would rather ignore any damages they’re unable to see physically. Insurance companies refuse to see how their client actions could have hurt your way of life.

Insurance Companies Will Attempt to Ruin Your Image

Insurance companies aren’t above ruining your image to avoid paying you for your compensation. Whenever you claim that their client’s actions have negatively impacted your mental health, insurance companies will attempt to disprove your claim. Countless eyes from the insurance companies will scour your social media accounts and attempt to disprove your mental anguish. While it may sound crazy and excessive, insurance companies are never above doing anything that will save them money during an injury claim case.

Even saying how much you loved a movie on social media can be used against you by insurance companies. Insurance companies will gather any social media posts you make and try to create a false narrative. As annoying as this may seem, you should deactivate your social media accounts during your injury claim case.

Besides browsing your news feed, using your social media is not something you should do during your injury claim case.

Insurance Companies Don’t Care about Your Well-Being

Heartless insurance companies shouldn’t ignore your mental health. You’re a hardworking person with emotions, goals, and ambitions. Whenever insurance companies attempt to discount the damage to your mental health, they’re insulting your emotional anguish. However, an injury attorney will not allow you to deal with your injury claim alone.

They’ve seen every shady tactic used by insurance companies. Injury attorneys will also fight to help you win compensation for the damage to your mental health. Never take your mental health for granted because it’s an essential aspect of your life.


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