InsurTech: Get Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Online

Two-wheeler insurance onlineFintechs have opted digital transformation completely to provide a gamut of services to their customers. Although, financial services were late to the party of digital transformation, but are quite agile to adopt it fully.

Fintech startups have made buying and selling things simpler, faster, and easier.

Insurtech is a term derived from the two words, insurance and technology. And as the insurance industry is ripe for disruptive innovation, it has stepped-up and revolutionized the way we see, buy, and renew insurance. Most of the daunting and lengthy procedural tasks in purchasing an insurance policy are now a matter of a few minutes.

As insurance companies are seeing their online web-portal and app as channels to increase their market share and reach, the process of buying insurance has now become smooth and speedy.

Let’s dive deep to know how Insurtech is doing it all for the better. And, how it can help you in buying the two wheeler insurance policy on the go.

Two Wheeler Insurance at your fingertips

You can now buy two wheeler insurance online from your mobile. This may not sound a big deal as of now, but to buy insurance instantly wasn’t a simple task before the digitization.

Imagine buying an insurance policy for your bike, scooter, moped, sports bike, or scooty on the go. Not just that, you get your policy right away.

You can buy insurance from the insurance company’s website or from any of the online insurance web-portals like Policybazaar, Probus Insurance, Easypolicy, ETInsure, etc. They will ask you to put your vehicle number to fetch quotes from different insurance companies. And, in a minute or so, you will see quotes from various companies. You select the plan as per your preferences from the options.

You can also customize your policy as offered by various insurance companies.

Customize your two wheeler insurance with regards to:

  1. The type of policy – only a third-party (TP) liability cover or comprehensive policy
  2. The tenure of the policy – a single year or multiyear plan
  3. Under a comprehensive policy – choose add-on covers to enhance protection

You can renew your previous year’s bike insurance policy, port from one insurance company to another, all right from your mobile device on the go.

You may ask, is that all?

No, there’s more.

Get Bike Insurance Policy with No Paperwork and No Inspection

Is that right? Yes, well, you did read it right – renew you two wheeler policy without any inspection or paperwork.

Imagine you don’t need any paperwork or documentation for renewal, or that, you can renew even after your policy has lapsed. It’s possible.

Here’s how you can renew your two wheeler insurance policy after it has expired:

  • Visit any of the online web-portal
  • Enter your two wheeler details
  • All the portals will ask if your policy has expired or not
  • Mention as the case may be, if it is expired, do mention as policy expired

Once you enter these necessary details, online web-aggregators like PolicyX, Turtlemint,Probus Insurance based on your inputs will fetch quotes from those insurance companies who do the renewal of two wheeler insurance policy without any inspection and paperwork even after previous year’s policy has expired.

You can then select the insurance company from whom you wish to buy.

Why You Should Buy Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Online

Here are a few good reasons to buy and renew your two wheeler insurance policy online:

  1. Get your policy instantly
  2. Compare to find budget-friendly plans
  3. Easy renewal even after the policy has lapsed
  4. No paperwork and No inspection
  5. Quick customer support and claims assistance

Visit any of the web-portals to see premium quotes for your two wheeler. However, most web-portals would ask for your contact details, except a few like Probus Insurance and Policybazaar.

It is a matter of personal choice from where one wants to buy a policy. But, you should see how quick their support team is, speak to their pre-sales and support teams, check the privacy policy on their website and app, read reviews on social media channels, etc.

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