Intel Core i5 vs. i7? Which Processor to Choose?

Computers Have a wide range of uses, including office work, usage in schools and colleges, and hacking. Hacking laptops are now being used for many positive purposes for the well-being of the country. Video editing, content creation, and gaming are some major uses of laptops.

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When you go to buy a new laptop, there are a lot of questions that come to your mind? These questions include the size of the screen, the budget of the buyer. The most important one is the decision of selecting the processor. Intel Core i5 is a less expensive and relatively slow processor. Another one is Intel Core i7, which is a faster processor and costs more than i5. Both processors are dual-core in Intel 7th Generation processor platform.

This article will guide you about the major differences between the two processors and the advantages as well as disadvantages of both the processors and will help you select the most suitable.

The differences between Core i5 and Core i7

Here are some major features that were tested and observed to check the differences between the two CPU processors.

Base clock speeds and the price difference

Structurally there are no major differences between Core i5 and Core i7; however, the base clock speeds are faster on the latter. i5 is placed in the mainstream tier, and i7 is placed in the enthusiast tier. The difference is only in the naming convention. However, the price difference is usually notable between Core i5 and Core i7.

Video transcoding

When heavy processing was done using these processors, a little difference is observed. Core i7 completes the procedure in a relatively lesser duration than Core i5. But the time difference is not much longer.

Battery life
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The difference between the battery consumption of the two processors is fairly small, but the i7 processors have more battery life than i5. The two processors are interchangeable depending upon their battery lives. If the i7 is not made to work at a higher speed limit than usual, the difference is not much evident.

3D Mark Ice Storm Unlimited

If you test some gaming and graphics on these processors, there is not much difference between the two CPUs. This might be due to the presence of the same Intel HD graphics. The 3D Mark Ice Storm Unlimited is a synthetic graphics benchmark. There was a very small difference seen between the two processors. It was almost 1.3 percent.

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Macro

Although not much difference is observed among the two core processors, the Core i7 was a little bit faster than the Core i5 processor when the complete testing procedure showed a minor difference of about 9.4 percent.

Which one to choose?

Although the above differences show that i7 has been proved much powerful and useful than i5, it is not all the way better than the Core i5 processor. The differences are minor and sometimes even not much significant. When some other features were tested on both the processors, then few more frames were noticed, and the differences are fairly small.

If you want a laptop for gaming or video editing purposes mainly, then the chips of the Core i7 processor supports eight threads, whereas the chips of the Core i5 processor CPU supports only four threads. Relatively extra better performance is observed on the Core i7 processor when it is being used for editing and web browsing and streaming.

Photo editing and web browsing can be a bit slow with Core i5. However, there is not much difference in the Core i5 and i7 processors. It is recommended that instead of paying a larger amount for the i7 processor, you can add features to the i5 processor. Getting a larger SSD can make your i5 processor work better. A larger screen, almost 1080p screen, can also help if your primary purpose of using the laptop is a video editing and content creation.

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