6 Interesting Facts About Goldendoodles

With various other names like Golden Poos and Goldendoodles, the Goldendoodle is a hybrid dog resulting from a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. It has its origins in North America and Australia and it was first bred in 1969. However, it only started getting wide acceptance as a star dog in the 1990s. We will look at some of the common characteristics of this breed.

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1. Size and Build

Goldendoodles come in a great variety of sizes and build. The smallest ones are sometimes called miniature Goldendoodles which result from a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Toy Poodle.

These weigh in at between about 10 to 15 kg with average heights of between 30 and 45 cm. At the other end of the spectrum are the giant Goldendoodles with average heights of 70 to 80 cm and tipping the scales at around 100 kg.

2. Temperament

Goldendoodles are loyal, gentle animals with great affection for children. From the Poodle they inherited great intelligence, and from the Golden Retriever they acquired a capacity for great obedience. This dog is a great one and an ideal family dog because it is friendly to children and enjoys the company of large families.

3. Character

Goldendoodles make excellent guide dogs for the blind and the elderly. It also makes a good companion for the lonely, sick or elderly people in hospitals and nursing homes. It has great curiosity and needs constant stimulation by being constantly taught new tricks and commands. They form long-lasting bonds and friendships with family members and other household pets and are great socializers. They prefer a settled homelife and can have problems if the owners are constantly on the move. They can get restless and develop behavioural problems if they are not settled in a permanent home.

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4. Shedding

So do goldendoodles shed much? Goldendoodles make ideal house pets because most this breed is hypoallergenic. The question however still remains, do goldendoodles shed much?

Some breeds don’t even shed. This makes family and their visitors safe from allergies usually associated with dog fur. However, from a health point of view it is important to realize that like all other dogs Goldendoodles produce saliva dander and urine which can contain allergens. So no breed of dog should ever be considered completely 100 percent risk free.

5. Grooming

The fact that Goldendoodles are a hybrid means they inherit characteristics which are not consistent when coat and fur texture are considered. Some have straight coats and some tend to have wavy coats and yet some have curly fur. This fact means that there is no one standard way of grooming this dog type. Some require regular, heavy brushing and bathing and those with extra heavy coats even require drying. It is wise for dog owners to consult their vets on the best grooming methods.

6. Outdoors

Goldendoodles have a natural love for swimming and they make ideal companions to take along when hiking. They are generally very active physically. The Goldendoodle is a quiet breed of dog and this makes it a poor choice for a watchdog. It might not even bark when a stranger knocks on the door. It requires about an hour of exercise daily.

These are some of the common characteristics of Goldendoodles.

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