Where to invest in Medical Marijuana

Medical MarijuanaMarijuana is used mostly in the form of unprocessed plant or in medical cases. Today, it’s active compounds or extracts have been found useful in the treatment of pain, anxiety and a variety of illnesses as well as symptoms of disease. This has, therefore, changed the perception and beliefs of many people regarding the plant. As a matter of fact, cannabis is nowadays used legally for medical purposes in many parts of the world.

Medical marijuana is basically the same product as recreational marijuana, but it is mostly taken for medical purposes. The main difference occurs in the concentration of the active components of cannabis. In the medical grade marijuana, the concentration of CBD (cannabidiol) is safer and that of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is extremely low, thus minimizing the occurrence of unpleasant effects of the plant.

Following its legalization in many states and countries, the production of medical marijuana in its various forms has created numerous opportunities for people to invest in. But where exactly can you put your money if you want to invest in this new blooming industry? Here are some hacks on where to invest in medical marijuana.

New York Stock Exchange

There are more than half of the United States that have legalized medical marijuana. To be precise medical marijuana is legal in 34 States and the District of Columbia, representing 63% of the United State of America. The legalization of medical marijuana in the United States, therefore, makes it the best place to invest in.  Being the largest securities market in United States, the New York Stock Exchange market has a list of marijuana stocks from various large entities where you can get some good gains on your investment.

Canada Securities Exchange

Medical cannabis is an industry that is upcoming and developing very fast. Canada is not left behind as stocks of medical marijuana businesses have been on a rampage in anticipation of billions of dollars’ worth of sales as it has already legalized cannabis. Some of the best places to invest in medical marijuana include CannTrust, CGC, Cronos Group of companies which are all listed in Canada security Exchange and have high returns.

African Countries

There are several countries in Africa that have also legalized medical marijuana. African countries are developing and, therefore, have the best chance to earn a high return on capital in the future once you invest. Lesotho, South Africa, Zimbabwe Swaziland, and Malawi, being some of the countries in Africa that have legalized Cannabis for medical purposes and scientific use should be an avenue for many investors to open up medical marijuana industries waiting for the uptake to other African countries.

Asian Countries

The majority of Asian countries have not fully legalized marijuana but successful plans have been put in place on how to legalize it for medical use. Israel is another better place to invest in when it comes to medical marijuana. Thailand, which is the first Asian country to have progressed very well in legalizing medical cannabis, makes it the best place to invest in the medical products of the green herb.

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