Invest smart – food for investment thought

Invest smart - image for article 1Whether you’re sitting on a personal fortune of $1k or $100m, the choice between investing your hard-earned funds in a way that grows your bank balance or simply ploughing your money into a savings account and letting the interest build is a thought that likely comes around every time you have a spare few seconds. Safety versus risk. Guaranteed middle ground or the possibility of greater success. It’s a thinker. But what is life without at least entertaining the thought of a calculated investment?

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could help to break down some options with huge upside potential with very little downside risk? Keep reading…

Mergers and acquisitions

The world of business is an open book. Investment opportunities come and go – some people get rich and some people leave the office at the end of the day with their desktop belongings in a cardboard box.

If you’ve got a hefty bank balance burning a hole in your sparsely populated business portfolio, mergers and acquisitions will be close to the top of your list of potential investment options. But have you got the time to identify opportunities, carry out digital due diligence, assess risk, and audit the target merger or acquisition? You need expert advice. With a digital due diligence expert in your corner, your money is in safe hands.

Develop a property portfolio in London

Question. What is the most valuable piece of real estate in the known universe? The answer, at $1.55 billion (and as if you couldn’t have guessed), is Buckingham Palace. Why is Buckingham Palace the costliest building ever? Well, there’s nothing special about the bricks and mortar and paint.

Property in London is so expensive because London is a business and cultural draw for the entire globe. Often called the capital of capitals, London is an influential leader, easily topping the list of the richest cities in Europe (estimated to be around $226 billion).

In short, London is a ‘must have’ for property investment, with property value guaranteed to soar over time. Do your research and don’t go in blind – we recommend reading as many London property guides as you can.

Roll the dice on the stock market 

The stock market is rife with fear and greed. Done correctly, investors can get in, get out, and bank a tidy profit. Done incorrectly, investors could find themselves clinging to poor investment opportunities like a drowning rat clutching a husk of driftwood that’s about to go over a waterfall. Sound scary? We’re not even getting started.

Bear markets dominate this world, where investor optimism swells and dissipates, leaving the price of shares in as much as a 20% worse off position (typically within a few weeks). So how can you be sure to avoid the pitfalls of investing in the wrong stock at the wrong time? The answer is you can never be sure. But if the famous story of Jesse Livermore is anything to go by, who cashed his stock for a $100m profit, the thought of trading your way to the top is worth considering. Start small. Learn the basics. And good luck.


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