Investing in Bicester: A Commutable and Affordable Option

Bicester, a town in Oxfordshire, England, is emerging as an attractive option for property investment, thanks to its unique blend of affordability, strategic location, and growing economy. This article delves into the various factors that make Bicester a viable and promising location for investors, especially those looking for Bicester properties for sale within a commutable distance to major cities like London.

Strategic Location and Connectivity

Bicester’s prime location is one of its key attractions for investors. Situated just 70 miles northwest of London, it is well-connected by both road and rail, making it an ideal location for commuters. The town is close to the M40 motorway, providing easy access to London, Birmingham, and the Midlands. Additionally, Bicester has two railway stations – Bicester Village and Bicester North – offering regular services to London Marylebone, with a journey time of around an hour.

Economic Growth and Development

The town is witnessing significant economic growth. The presence of Bicester Village, a renowned designer outlet shopping centre, not only boosts local employment but also attracts tourists from around the world. Furthermore, Bicester is part of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, an area earmarked by the government for substantial economic growth and development, which is likely to increase job opportunities and infrastructure development in the region.

Affordable Property Market

Compared to the soaring property prices in London and other major UK cities, Bicester offers a more affordable market for investors. The town provides a range of property options, from new-build homes to traditional terraced houses, catering to different budgets and preferences. This affordability, combined with the town’s growth potential, makes it an attractive investment destination.

Rising Demand for Housing

Bicester’s growing population and economic development have led to an increased demand for housing. The town is part of a major expansion project, with plans to build thousands of new homes in the coming years. This expansion not only caters to the growing local population but also to those moving away from more expensive and congested urban areas, thus presenting a lucrative opportunity for property investors.

Sustainability and Green Living

Bicester is at the forefront of sustainable living in the UK. The town is home to Elmsbrook, an eco-town development, which is a pioneer in green construction and sustainable living. This focus on sustainability is not only attractive to environmentally conscious residents but also adds long-term value to properties in the area.

Community and Lifestyle

The town offers a balanced lifestyle with a mix of urban and rural living. It has a rich local history, numerous parks and recreational areas, and a growing number of cafes, restaurants, and retail outlets. The community spirit in Bicester, coupled with its cultural and leisure activities, makes it a desirable place to live and invest in.

Investment in Infrastructure

Bicester’s infrastructure is continually improving, with investments in transportation, schools, and healthcare facilities. The development of the East-West Rail project, which will link Oxford and Cambridge via Bicester, is set to enhance connectivity further, potentially boosting property values in the area.

Market Resilience

The property market in Bicester has shown resilience, maintaining steady growth even in uncertain economic times. This stability makes it a relatively low-risk investment option compared to more volatile markets.

Tax Incentives and Support

Investors in Bicester can benefit from various tax incentives and support schemes available for property investments, particularly in new developments. These incentives can make the investment more lucrative and lower the entry barriers for new investors.


Bicester presents a compelling case for property investment. Its strategic location, economic growth potential, affordable property market, and focus on sustainability make it an ideal choice for both seasoned and new investors. With its ongoing development and infrastructure investments, Bicester is poised to be a key player in the UK’s property market, offering a unique blend of commutability, affordability, and quality of life. For those looking to invest in a location with future growth potential and a strong community ethos, Bicester is undoubtedly a town to consider.

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