Is A Supplementary Retirement Scheme Account (SRS) Worth It?

The Singapore government established the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) to supplement the Central Provident Fund (CPF); thus, assisting Singaporeans to fulfill their retirement demands. Contrary to CPF, the SRS is a completely optional program. The plan is intended to provide efficient tax reduction whilst saving for retirement. So, should you put money into an SRS account? Visit to learn how you can open and account. Here are some of the advantages of contributing to SRS.

SRS Contributions Are Tax Deductible

Why do numerous Singaporeans prefer to open an SRS account yet there are numerous different retirement investments accessible? It is because of the tax advantages! Every dollar you put into your SRS account will go towards tax reduction in the following assessment year. For Permanent Residents and Singaporeans, this could amount to $15,300, whereas foreigners can benefit up to $35,700 in tax relief.

If you want to minimize your taxable income, the tax benefit is very appealing because your income group influences how much you pay in taxes every year. For instance, the taxable income in Singapore for $40,000 yearly income is $550, whereas anything past that is taxable $1,530 annually. By investing the extra cash you earn yearly past the $40,000 threshold, you can reduce your taxable income; thus, saving up to $930 in taxes.

Grow Your Retirement Savings

In addition to tax advantages, your SRS account could help you expand your retirement savings. Whether you still need an SRS account if you have an existing CPF account is all up to you. Nonetheless, given that you will be spending but not in active employment, retirement will most likely be one of your life’s highest expenses. CPF is an involuntary savings plan; hence, it is only intended to provide a standard retirement income, sufficient to get by, but might not sufficient to purchase a house, travel or enjoy a more luxurious lifestyle.

Therefore, unlike regular savings accounts and the CPF, your SRS account is designed to assist you save for retirement via investments. If you open an account today, you could generate greater returns and fight inflation by investing your SRS funds in SRS-approved securities including Single Premium Insurance Saving Plans, Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB), or Fixed Deposits.

Returns On SRS Investments Are Tax-Free

Investments are essential for growing your retirement funds, particularly since uninvested SRS funds only yield a 0.05% annual return. As a result, it is highly suggested that you invest your SRS savings. You could invest in various options depending on your risk tolerance or inclination, ranging from higher-risk investments like unit trusts or blue chip stocks to safer ones like Single Premium Insurance Saving Plans or SSB. Besides, any profits you make from your SRS assets are tax-free till you decide to make a withdrawal. To get the most out of your SRS account, invest and reinvest your earnings- capitalize on compound interest to expand your retirement fund!

At Retirement, Only 50% Of Withdrawals Are Taxed

Your retirement fund grows significantly in your SRS account over the years of compounding. When you hit the retirement age (62 years), and elect to withdraw your funds, only half of the amount you pay is taxable. In simpler terms, if your withdrawal is 40,000 annually, just $20,000 gets taxed. Nevertheless, because you do not have any additional taxable income, you will fall into the tax-free category. As a result, you can withdraw $40,000 tax-free for your retirement.

From tax deductible SRS contributions to improved retirement savings, there are numerous advantages to opening a supplementary retirement scheme. If you wish to open an SBS account in Singapore, talk to a manager of the programme to get started.

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