Is Algae Good For You? Six Reasons To Choose This Plant-Based Supplement

It may have caught you by surprise to hear of people including algae in their diet. The green stuff that grows on top of water doesn’t seem like it would be something beneficial to consume. However, algae is more than you think it is. When we think of including omega-3s in our diet, we typically think of eating fish such as salmon or sardines. We might also think about taking fish or krill oil. But have you ever thought of what the fish eat to be rich in omega-3s? If you’re thinking of algae, you are correct. Algae is full of omega-3s that are necessary for our body to function at its best. Although it’s recommended to dip your glass in a pond and take a big gulp of algae, many people are including algae in their diet with an algae supplement. You can get an algae supplement that is made with argal oil. Argal oil is a type of vegetarian oil that is derived from algae. It’s packed with the omega-3s called eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which can provide many benefits for your overall health. It also has shown to have better absorption than the standard fish and krill oils. This plant-based supplement may be a great option for adding to your overall wellness.

Brain Power

The brain is a crucial organ in our bodies. It directs the body’s functions and controls many things throughout the anatomy of the body. To name a few, it controls things such as thought, memory, emotion, touch, motor skills, and vision. Because the brain regulates so much throughout the body, we want to make sure we are feeding it the fuel it needs to function. Omega-3s, specifically DHA, have shown to support cognitive functioning such as memory. It might also help protect the brain from factors that deteriorate the brain throughout one’s lifespan. During fetal development, membranes of the retina and brain become enriched with DHA. Taking an algae supplement while pregnant may help support fetal brain development and motor functions. It may also help support a healthy mood during postpartum. Because most of the brain is composed of fat, omega-3 fatty acids are concentrated in brain tissues. This is why omega-3s like DHA are crucial for brain development and can support cognitive wellness.

Heart Health

Both EPA and DHA both play a vital role in heart health. Omega-3s may help with overall cardiovascular health by supporting arteries, heart rhythm, and potentially reducing the likelihood of heart attack and strokes. However, omega-3s aren’t able to cancel out all of the things you may do to increase the chances of cardiovascular diseases such as eating foods that lack nutrition and not getting enough exercise. Consuming an algae supplement that is rich in omega-3s partnered with an overall healthy lifestyle can support cardiovascular health and work against a risk of disease.

Sleep Better

Those restless nights of sleep are frustrating. The tossing and turning each gets old, and not having enough energy for the day feels agonizing. Omega-3s may support better sleep by helping one fall asleep more quickly and reduce the amount of times one might wake up. DHA may cause a melatonin deficiency, which is what helps us sleep throughout the night and feel rested when we wake up. Keeping higher levels of DHA in your system has the ability to contribute to less sleepless nights. When you get more sleep, you feel more rested and energized for your daily activities. Sleep is a vital function for your body, and is necessary for immune support, growth and development, and overall brain function. Without it, you might find yourself not able to emotionally regulate as well as you do when you get the right amount of sleep. It can also be harder to concentrate, problem solve, and keep your weight under control. An easy way to consume omega-3s is to take an algae supplement that may help support better sleep.

Algae vs. Fish

There are a few other reasons why people might choose a plant-based supplement like algae over fish or krill oil. An algae supplement made with argal oil is a vegetarian option for getting those essential omega-3s that can support overall wellness. Argal oil in algae supplements is also tasteless, unlike fish oil which leaves you with a fishy aftertaste and possible nausea. Some people would prefer to get their omega-3s from eating seafood. Although some seafood has omega-3s in it, a person would need to consume about eight to twelve ounce of seafood per week in order to meet the recommended amount of omega-3s one would need to reap the benefits. This can be difficult for a lot of people, especially if they don’t really enjoy seafood. An algae supplement can provide you with the necessary omega-3s without having to consume a large amount of seafood or deal with the consequences of taking fish oil.

How Algae May Help You

Algae is full of omega-3s that can support the body and its overall wellness. It can help support brain development, cognitive wellness, heart health, and better sleep. It is tasteless and leaves no aftertaste unlike fish oil. And, it has the ability to absorb more quickly than fish or krill oils. By taking this plant-based supplement, you help support your body’s overall health.

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