Is Behind the Markets a Scam? Discover the Truth About The Research Service

Behind the Markets has rapidly garnered attention in the investment community as an independent research hub for investors of all sizes. Led by the astute Dylan Jovine, this platform seeks to redefine investment research, bridging the gap between everyday investors and institutional-grade insights. Jovine’s journey, which began on Wall Street, has culminated in this venture that promises unbiased, quality investment research and education. His storied past, marked by consistent accomplishments in finance, is a testament to his expertise.

However, as with any enterprise that challenges conventional norms, questions arise. A notable query in financial circles is: “Is Behind the Markets a scam?” This article delves deep into the fabric of the platform, its offerings, aiming to provide a well-rounded perspective on the legitimacy and value of Behind the Markets.

Who Is Dylan Jovine?

Dylan Jovine’s ascendancy in the financial realm is nothing short of remarkable. Beginning his illustrious journey on the famed streets of Wall Street in 1991, Jovine quickly marked himself as a force to be reckoned with. Despite facing the challenges of a humble upbringing in Queens, New York, he caught the attention of seasoned investment banker Peter Jaquith. With Jaquith’s mentorship, Jovine embarked on a career defined by precision, passion, and prowess in stock research.

His innate ability to identify takeover targets even before they came into the spotlight established him as a savant in stock picking during the pre-internet bull market era. This insight was not just a flash in the pan. By 1996, with the backing of his clients and a stellar track record, Jovine founded Lexington Capital Partners in New York City, further solidifying his position in the financial industry.

But Jovine’s ambition didn’t stop there. In 2004, he channeled his insights and expertise into launching Tycoon Publishing. It aimed to provide the masses with conflict-free investment research and education. This endeavor saw him guiding half a million individual investors across 28 countries. This proves that Jovine’s financial journey was not just about personal success but also about empowering others.

Behind the Markets: Features and Services

Navigating the vast landscape of financial research can be daunting for many investors. Behind the Market is a guidepost, providing resources tailored for novices and seasoned professionals. Let’s quickly review Behind the Markets’ offerings:

  • Independent Financial Investment Research Reports: A crucial tool for any investor, these reports deliver unbiased insights meticulously researched. These monthly documents prioritize depth and accuracy, ensuring investors have reliable information to make informed decisions.
  • Online Classes and Workshops: Knowledge is power, and Behind the Markets ensures investors can access it. Their classes and workshops cover various topics, catering to different proficiency levels.
  • Videos about Unique Investment Opportunities: For those who prefer visual learning, the platform boasts a collection of videos. These presentations dissect unique investment opportunities, offering an engaging grasp of complex financial concepts.
  • Special Reports: Adding more value to their repertoire, Behind the Markets also publishes special reports on trending topics. Reports like “Income Collapse” and “World War 5G” are just a glimpse of their in-depth exploration of the world’s evolving financial landscape.

With such a diverse and comprehensive set of offerings, Behind the Markets showcases its commitment to elevating the financial literacy of its audience.

A Unique Approach

Behind the Markets shines distinctively in the vast ocean of financial entities. The platform ethos, deeply rooted in preserving independence and eliminating bias, makes it an invaluable asset for any investor. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Commitment to Independence: In an age where information is easily manipulated, Behind the Markets takes pride in its rigorous commitment to provide untainted research. It consciously distance themselves from the trappings of investment banking or public relations. This ensures that their recommendations remain uncolored by external interests.
  • Business Valuation Approach: Unlike many financial giants chasing big names, this platform casts its net wider. It prioritizes small to midcap companies, from $1 to $10 billion capitalizations, particularly those boasting high returns on equity, manageable debt, and a clear competitive advantage. It’s a refreshing strategy that often unearths overlooked gems in the market.
  • Skeptical Eye on Mainstream Wall Street: Not one to follow the herd, Behind the Markets views Wall Street with a discerning, skeptical eye. It has voiced concerns over traditional financial advisors and highlighted the biases in research from many brokers. This critical perspective ensures its audience has a fuller, more nuanced picture.

Its unique stance in the financial realm makes Behind the Markets a trailblazer, guiding investors with clarity and integrity.

Customers Reviews: A Testament to Quality and Service

Behind the Markets has not only made a mark with its distinctive investment approach, but it has also resonated deeply with its global clientele. Here’s what some of them have to say:

  • Lynda C. from Australia

As one of Behind the Markets international subscribers, she applauds the exceptional investment advice she’s received, remarking: “Thank you, Dylan and Team, for the most informative and well-researched investment advice I have ever received.” Having subscribed to all four services for over two years, Lynda lauds the consistent gains. She adds, “Not only is your advice and research superb, but your support services go beyond any I have ever seen….fast, friendly, and extremely helpful service!”

  • John from Michigan

John wishes he had started sooner, saying, “Started reading your newsletter last December, got into Krystal. Very happy with the result. Great ideas! Never felt so confident holding a position. Only if I had read your newsletters earlier.”

  • Mike M. from Indiana

Mike is particularly impressed with the prompt customer service, exclaiming, “Your customer service rocks. Other services take weeks or even months to respond, but you respond in literally 5 min. Amazing, thx.”

  • Rod G. from Nevada

Rod simply states that since starting using the service in October 2019, he has worked with the “Best & most professional service ever”.

These testimonials reinforce the notion that Behind the Markets isn’t merely about profit but also about building trust and maintaining exceptional standards in customer service. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from its diverse user base certainly underscores its legitimacy in the financial world. It also answers the question: is Behind The Markets a Scam?


Behind the Markets undeniably stands out in the ever-evolving tapestry of financial platforms. Established by the reputable Dylan Jovine, a figure deeply rooted in the annals of Wall Street, this enterprise has steadfastly provided independent research, educational materials, and niche investment opportunities. Its ethos revolves around a clear commitment to unswerving impartiality, breaking free from the conventional biases often cloud Wall Street’s atmosphere.

The array of services, ranging from insightful reports to comprehensive online workshops, further accentuates its dedication to the investor community. While maintaining a healthy dose of skepticism is essential, the documented history, services, and Behind the Markets principles collectively bolster its genuine nature.

However, a wise investor always thoroughly researches before diving into any venture. With that in mind, Behind the Markets emerges as an authentic and invaluable resource. Curious to explore more? Explore Behind the Markets and discover its potential impact on your trading journey. It’s an investment in knowledge that promises dividends.