Is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) The New Temp Work?

For as long as many of us can remember, the go-to solution for most businesses when faced with a sudden surge in demand or a labor-intensive project or initiative was to bring in some temp workers to help manage the workload and relieve pressure on permanent employees.

However, business process outsourcing (BPO) is challenging the status quo by offering businesses an alternative solution to build a more responsive and adaptive service model—and when it provides plenty of benefits compared to traditional temp hiring, it’s not difficult to work out why.

Here are just a few of the reasons why so many businesses across the globe are opting to go down the route of outsourcing

It’s quick

Imagine this—you’ve just launched a new marketing campaign, and while you expected to see a slight increase in sales and customer inquiries, the campaign has been far more successful than anticipated and you’re struggling to keep on top of everything.

Sourcing and training quality temp workers are going to take the time you simply don’t have if you want to hold on to valuable customers.

BPO services on the other hand can be activated almost immediately when you need them most. While you will need to invest some time during the initial start-up phase to establish the range of services you need access to and provide direction on your individual business processes and messaging, switching it on and off as demand fluctuates is quick and simple.

It’s scalable

Whether you need a lot of help or only a little, most BPO services can be customized to suit your needs.

BPO service providers have access to a large pool of personnel who service multiple businesses—this means there’s always plenty of staff ready and available to add to your ‘remote workforce’ whenever you need it.

You can generally also outsource a range of processes. Whether you need help answering phone calls, responding to online or email queries, setting bookings or appointments or providing after-hours support, you’ll generally have the flexibility to create your ideal mix of support services.

It’s ‘hands-off’

One of the real beauties of using BPO services is that you only need to set the direction once, then the rest is up to the service provider to manage.

You won’t need to worry about sourcing workers or providing ample training and supervision each time you need some extra help, meaning no additional pressure on your already-busy business.

It’s professional

BPO providers are experts at what they do and follow tried-and-tested methods to ensure their staff receives all the training they need to perform their role well.

Not only do most service providers provide generalized training to ensure staff is equipped to perform various business tasks, but they also provide tailored training on your individual business processes to ensure they can provide a seamless service where the customer won’t even notice the difference.

It’s cost-effective

You also have complete control over how much you want to spend.

You can generally designate a set budget and the BPO service provider will notify you when you’re approaching that limit, allowing you to switch services on and off as desired. Most quality service providers will also give you the option between utilizing local or internationally-based workers to suit your preferences and cost structure.

While every business is different and some scenarios may still be better suited to utilizing temp workers, BPO is now a very viable option for many businesses and is well worth considering the next time your business needs a helping hand.

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