Is Dual Stimulation the Orgasm Answer?

“Two is better than one” may sound cliché, but this can be true when it comes to sex and pleasure. Orgasms are not easy to achieve, but thanks to human nature, there are so many ways you can reach the peak, and one of them is through dual stimulation. Now imagine stimulating two hotspots in your body simultaneously for a phenomenal fireworks-like orgasm that takes your breath away. 

Sex toys for women have been in the market for years, so level up with the right toy and experience pleasure at its peak. I say that when it comes to stimulating your genitals, the more, the merrier. And for that reason, you can’t go wrong with dual stimulation sex toys.

It takes a bit of practice but learning your body and how to orgasm is a skill you can master with suitable toys. These sex toys are the answer to more sensation and a greater chance at climax. Are you ready to learn more about how to orgasm by stimulating multiple zones? Hop right in!

Various forms of Dual Stimulation

  • Vagina and Anal – Vagina stimulation feels good thanks to hotspots like the G-spot, A-Spot, and C-Spot. Combining it with anal stimulation can be a pleasure goldmine. The anus also has a ring of nerves that feels pleasurable when stimulated. Some sex toys come with an extra arm and anal beads to give your booty dual stimulation at every possible angle. Mixing vaginal and anal stimulation gives you a truly filled-up feeling. It is excellent for solo and partner play.
  • Clitoral and Internal – With a dual stimulation vibrator, you can enjoy external stimulation that targets your clitoris and internal stimulation that massages your vagina walls and stimulates your G-spot.
  • Vagina and Nipple – Stimulating the vagina and the nipple simultaneously is all shades of amazing! They are two sensitive areas and can give intense erotic sensations when stimulated together.

Why Dual Stimulation is Important

Multiple stimulations help hit the most pleasurable and sensitive part of the body for many people. Since many women find it hard to reach orgasm through penetration, dual stimulation can improve your sexual experience and allow that intense orgasm to occur. You get to enjoy happiness, relief, and pleasure in one powerful session.

That’s not all! It breaks the monotony. You don’t have to stick to the usual way of enjoying sex. A dual stimulation vibrator can help you hit the right pleasure points as you achieve the best climax of your life!

How to Use Dual Stimulation Sex Toys for an Increase in Sensation

Indeed, most women don’t orgasm from penetrative sexual stimulation alone. That’s normal. Sometimes, during masturbation or toy play, you want to ensure your toys hit every spot on your body that brings you the utmost pleasure. One of the best things about the sex toys for women that are available now is that you can customize them to the sensations you want at any time. Do you want something tongue-like? You can get it. Something intense and shaped to hit your G-Spot? You got it. Something molded to give your clitoris the love it deserves? Bam! Versatility is the queen now, and dual stimulation sex toys are a fantastic addition to your toy collection. Ready for some dual stimulation tips. Here’s how to get started

Don’t Forget Foreplay

You know from experience that even if you are going solo, you have to be in the mood, especially if you want an orgasm or two. Plus, it feels excellent to loosen up and get your natural lubrication flowing. I’m big on setting the right atmosphere. Play calm music, light candles, massage your body with oil, take a warm shower, dress your bed with nice sheets and be ready to stimulate all your senses. A little foreplay can make a big difference. If your body is ready and your mind is at ease, pleasure will come quickly.

Consider the Flexibility of your Toys

The easier the movement, the better! If there is no flexibility, using a dual sex toy may be impossible, depending on your body and the distance between your vagina and the clitoris or the vagina and the anus. You can control most toys together or individually. This means you can use both ends simultaneously or one at a time. You can even have a light setting on one end and an intense one on the other. While you might be tempted to crank your toy up, make sure you go slowly. It is better you start low and gradually build your pleasure than jumping from zero to five. It’s not a race.

You Can’t go Wrong with Lubricants

Using a lubricant for dual stimulation can make your sex game all the more pleasurable. Water and oil-based lubricants are best for glass, metal, and silicone sex toys. They reduce vaginal dryness and discomfort. 

However, don’t use silicone-based lubricants with silicone sex toys! They make the surface of your toy tacky. If you are using condoms, stay away from oil-based lubricants.

To start play, add a drop of lube to your vagina and evenly spread it across your clitoris with your fingers. 

Variety is Key

They are called sex toys for a reason! They bring variety, pleasure, adventure, and playfulness to your sex game. Don’t forget that most dual sex toys come with multiple settings designed to make you feel good- but only if you try them out. Play around with different techniques if you are alone or with your partner. Amy from Peachy BDSM suggests you to explore the settings and try new positions. A vibrator may give you a different sensation when you are lying on your stomach versus when you are on your back. Get creative with things and keep having fun.

Stimulate your Whole Body

Dual stimulation is not only for your vagina or clitoris. You can stimulate multiple erogenous zones in your body. The labia, your nipples, breasts, against the cheek, inner thighs, and anywhere else you crave more pleasure. You can increase the intensity and enjoy mind-blowing orgasms by hitting two pleasure points simultaneously.

Include Your Partner

You don’t have to stimulate yourself alone. It is more beautiful doing it with your partner with the use of Kiiroo Keon to have a more pleasurable experience. You can show your partner how you like you to be touched, where you want to be touched, and vice versa. Trying out new positions and experimenting with your body can improve the intimacy between the two of you – or even rekindle your spark if you have been together for a while and things have become a bit mundane in the bedroom.

Take Things Out of Your Bedroom

Don’t forget how spontaneity can be! Sex does not have to be confined to your bedroom. It’s not all the time you need a romantic set-up like they do in movies. Maximizing your sex drive when it hits you can lead to a super exciting session. Use your toys on your countertops, couches, shower; just name it! Be adventurous and add a fun dimension to your sex game.

Ultimately, these toys are not easy to use for dual stimulation, and it can take a bit of practice to find the hotspot that feels pleasurable to you. So don’t give up if things don’t go well on your first try. Whether you are going solo or trying things out with your partner, take some time to play around. Enjoy yourself and explore what feels pleasurable to you. You’ve got this, babe!

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