Is it possible to learn foreign languages without a teacher?

Nowadays, many people struggle to find the perfect way of learning the language. Schools and teachers are often obsessed with or dependent on methodologies imposed for use. Others try to implement their author’s approaches that affect the student’s interests negatively. It makes people think of refusing the teacher services and handling foreign languages by themselves. But is it possible, and how can help with the matter? Let’s discover.

Why do people prefer being guided by a teacher?

Of course, before any person faces the necessity of learning on their own, they use the benefits of the teacher’s guidance. Learning with assistance is indeed easier because of the following:

  • a teacher has a general and specific knowledge, so theoretically, he realizes better which examples to apply and how to explain the rule;
  • a teacher has the background of personal learning and the experience of teaching other people, so he can be flexible in selecting the manner of delivering knowledge;
  • often, teachers have life experience of using a foreign language, and the broader that experience is – the better the teacher is suggested to be;
  • psychologically, people tend to believe teachers’ knowledge and experience more than free app methods or other sources.

However, these points are not always true. More often, their combination is nearly impossible to meet, and features separately – are a rare case of reasonable implementation. So more and more frequently people conclude that learning a language themselves is the best option.

What criteria to consider when going to learn by yourself?

When learning a language by yourself, keep several crucial aspects in mind to not miss a thing. Some of the most significant include the following:

  • remember to develop four main activities – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking – harmonically;
  • if something is not understandable, especially at the Beginner level, you must find the explanation to get the topic (the basic topics are the background for more complicated ones);
  • you can use one source for training your grammar, but as you develop your knowledge to A2 level and higher – involve more and more varied sources to broaden your vocabulary;
  • develop general topics and profession-specific vocabulary synchronously – it will allow you to start using your English for work faster;
  • stay consistent in your learning – as only permanent language use makes your knowledge stronger.

Following these points, you can minimize the need for a teacher as a guide. But if you come across a person who can explain something to you – never hesitate to ask. Communication is the key to revealing the rules from the sides you couldn’t have thought of. 

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