Is it the Flu or an STD? The Importance of Getting Tested

When you’re feeling under the weather and experiencing flu-like symptoms such as nausea, fever, or headache, it’s easy to assume the flu caused your symptoms. But did you know that some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can cause symptoms that mimic the flu? Many STDs can cause symptoms passed off as the flu, a common cold, or allergies. But in reality, these symptoms could be tied to an STD.

Getting tested for STDs can provide you with a quick and accurate diagnosis so you can begin the proper treatment for what ails you. Read on to learn which STDs may initially seem like the flu and how to find STD testing Los Angeles sites.

STDs Symptoms That Mimic the Flu

Chances are, you’re familiar with some of the more common STD symptoms, such as painful urination and visible spots (e.g., lesions or warts) on your genitals. However, many symptoms of STDs mimic the flu or common cold, including:

  • Body aches. Body aches and pains, including sore throat, can indicate an STD that has gone untreated for some time.
  • Fatigue is a possible symptom of many STDs, including chlamydia, Hepatitis A, B, and C, and late-stage gonorrhea. While it’s all too easy to chalk up fatigue to late nights out, or being overworked, if your fatigue persists after a good night’s sleep and rest, it’s essential to book an STD test.
  • A fever is one of the body’s ways of fighting off an infection. Many STDs can cause fevers, including chlamydia, herpes, Hepatitis A, HIV, gonorrhea, and syphilis.
  • Nausea. If you’re feeling nauseous and/or vomiting, it may not be a stomach bug or something you ate. Some STDs—including Hepatitis A, Hepatitis C, HIV, and syphilis—can cause these symptoms, particularly if they last longer than a day or two.

Some STDs can cause symptoms that may develop weeks or months (or even years!) after exposure. Other STDS are asymptomatic, meaning they do not cause symptoms at all for a long period.

Regular STD testing provides sexually active individuals with the peace of mind they need and helps them take control of their sexual health. Being proactive and getting regular STD testing can help you stay healthy and avoid suffering from STD symptoms now and into the future.

Get STD Testing For Peace of Mind

If you’ve been sexually active and are experiencing flu-like symptoms, it may not be the flu. Instead, your immune system could be trying to fight an STD. STDs don’t go away on their own over time, though. They require treatment from a medical professional, so it’s important to know what your body is fighting to get the proper treatment.

If you’re feeling under the weather, book your STD test online at a location near you. Tests are affordable, and you’ll have your confidential results with 24 to 48 hours. STD Labs has contracts with reputable labs in the area to make it easier than ever to get the peace of mind you need. Book your appointment on our website today.

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