Is It Worth Getting a Laser Engraver?

Over the years, the importance of CNC laser systems or laser engravers has been growing. As its applications increase, it is becoming increasingly popular among small businesses, schools, and even hobbyists. But what are these systems? And what advantages does it have compared to other machines?

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What is a Laser Engraver Machine?

A CNC laser machine (Computer Numerical Control) is a device that performs a cutting and engraving process assisted by a computer, which can be used at a private level or in the industry.

Types of Laser Engraver: Fiber Vs Co2:

Laser engraver machines have evolved and it is the most versatile tool you can find in a workshop or studio. Today two types of laser are the most used:

Fiber laser cutting machines are the most popular way to engrave and cut metals. These machines tend to be slightly more expensive, but the laser tubes have a longer life span.

A CO2 laser is also popular due to its price and the versatility it provides. This system allows you to cut and engrave leather, wood, methacrylate, and much more.

Advantages of Using Laser Engraver Machines:

A laser system is a fully integrated piece of equipment that enables laser engraving and cutting. These can cut a variety of organic materials, such as paper, cardboard, rubber, cork, leather, wood, DM, various natural and synthetic fibers, methacrylate, and other plastics.

Thanks to these systems linked to the computer, they allow for precise designs and users obtain the dimensions with a very high degree of accuracy since the loss produced by the laser is minimal.

This tool allows us to create any design using the computer and provide customers with fully customized products.

Laser engraver machines have great advantages over other cutting machines (such as CNC milling machines, cutting plotters, or water cutting): they are more intuitive to use, more versatile when cutting different materials, cleaner and quieter, they can cut thick materials and produce almost no waste.

Applications of a Laser Engraver:

Laser machines are equipment that offers endless opportunities. Some of the applications like:

– Item customization

– Creation of mockups

– Promotional gift

– Trophies

– Toppers and details

– Interior design

– Lettering

– Rapid prototyping

Tips for Engraving with a Laser Engraver Machine:

Do you want to improve the results of your work with a laser system? Don’t you know why some jobs don’t have good finishes? At Atomstack, we offer you some very useful tips to achieve the best results:

– For engraving on anodized metals, it is recommended to use high speed and low power to achieve crisp and clean results.

– Low resolution on glass offers better results as laser shots are further separated

– If you engrave the colorless methacrylate on the back, it will be a cleaner job

– PVC can degrade the optics and components of your laser system.

– To engrave wood, it is advisable to engrave from the bottom up due to the smoke and waste it generates

No matter what your customers ask you, with the CNC laser system you can meet all their requirements. Today’s Atomstack laser engraver machines are very advanced in terms of technology, versatility, automation, and ease of use.

Atomstack – Quality Systems and Professional Advice:

At Atomstack, we have high-quality systems that provide unique efficiency and precision. They are unbeatable!

It has a professional team that can provide advice and assistance with any questions thanks to its more than 20 years of experience in the laser industry.

Do you need help installing your laser or learning how to engrave? Don’t worry! At Atomstack, we help you with the installation, maintenance, and repair of your laser system. And if you need it, we offer advice and laser training. What are you waiting for to buy a laser system?

Create a Business of Objects With Laser Marking and Earn a Good Living!

As you can see, laser marking is a relatively easy and fast process. In addition, it is a very original way of giving gifts or having details with other people. In addition to personalizing mobile phone cases, you can also make key rings, inscriptions on surfaces, put logos on bottles, etc. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to do different projects for companies or large groups.

This laser engraving technique has the particularity that it is durable and resistant. So, you should not worry about the conditions in which the object you customize will be. The design will remain intact for a long time and in perfect condition.

One of the highlights of this technique is also that the engraving material, in this case, plastic, will not be subjected to extreme pressure or forces that could damage it. Thanks to this, the final design is uniform and flawless.

To get started with your projects in a more particular way, we recommend reaching out to Atomstack. These compact and smaller size laser engraver offers the possibility of engraving in high quality. Therefore, if you want to do it in your own home or do not have much space in your office or study, this machine is ideal to start with.

At Atomstack, our laser engraver machines are designed to be able to mark on different types of materials. But in addition, you can engrave or cut many more materials. For example, cardboard, wood, leather, fabrics, or ceramics. 

So let your creativity run wild! All the equipment we have is capable of marking plastic and many other materials. Find the one that best suits your needs or ask us for our recommendation. We will study your case and advise you in the best possible way. Contact us and let’s start working!

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