Is it worth getting into e-commerce industry during pandemic?

Largest E-Commerce Marketplace in the World 1

Absolutely! The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown to curb the spread of the disease have left a profound impact on businesses worldwide. As the COVID-19 crisis is likely to have a long-lasting effect on industries, companies across the world are making their presence on social media to run the business. At the same time, the Covid-induced lockdown forced people to stay inside their homes to contain coronavirus. Due to the lockdown and fear of contracting the virus, people preferred online or e-commerce platforms to buy the essentials and daily items over physical stores.

A report published by Digital Commerce 360 suggests that the e-commerce industry witnessed a dramatic rise in revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Due to the change in online shopping behaviors amid the COVID-19 restrictions, the industry generated an additional US$ 174.87 billion in revenue. According to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) experts, global e-commerce climbed to US$ 26.7 trillion during the pandemic. 

That’s not all. As the e-commerce industry is evolving consistently, retail purchases are projected to increase from 14.1 percent to 22 percent over the next two years, data published by Optinmonster reveals. Thus, it is the right time to take up an e commerce course in Canada to acquire relevant skills and knowledge to get into the e-commerce industry during the pandemic.

Advantages of an e-commerce course

  • Value for money

Acquiring an e-commerce education is totally worth your investment. The two-year program will provide you with the relevant knowledge and skills required to thrive through the COVID-19 pandemic. The course will allow you to start or grow e-commerce business and flourish in the online realm.

  • Helpful in increasing reach

With a deep understanding of the e-commerce industry, you can reach a wide range of consumers. In-depth knowledge of the online realm can allow you to be a part of a global marketplace. It also provides the skills to research about the consumers and products easily.

  • Can start your own business

The e-commerce course is also beneficial in obtaining the skills needed to be your own boss or choose the entrepreneurial route. The program will help you become highly proficient in digital marketing strategy, social media management, and running an online business. The course also familiarizes you with industry-standard software programs and online platforms, providing you an edge over competitors in the job market.

  • Be always in demand

The e-commerce industry is evolving rapidly. According to the Italian consultancy Finaria and dissemination of Forbes, e-commerce retail sales jump over three trillion dollars by 2025. The report also suggests that 95 percent of the purchases will be made online by 2040. Thus, the individuals related to the e-commerce industry will have a great future ahead. 


The coronavirus pandemic has presented us with a great chance to turn this catastrophe into an opportunity. Thus, taking up an e-commerce course can help you leap ahead in your career. So, sign up for the course right away!

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