Is Jigsaw Trading Worth It? Decoding the Hype

In the competitive world of trading, traders are always looking for tools and platforms to give them an edge. Enter Jigsaw Trading, an award-winning order flow and trade execution platform that promises just that. Offering unique features, Jigsaw Trading aims to equip day traders with the sophisticated tools institutional traders use. It’s known for its lightning-fast speed and user-friendly interface, catering to novice and experienced traders.

The primary aim of this article is to answer one question: Is Jigsaw Trading worth it? Or is it merely another tool with a good marketing strategy? 

So, whether you’re just stepping into the world of trading or a seasoned trader, this article provides a comprehensive review of Jigsaw Trading that will help you make an informed decision.

Who is behind Jigsaw Trading

At the helm of Jigsaw Trading is CEO Peter Davies, a name synonymous with the quality and expertise the platform aims to provide. Davies has spent many years in the trading industry, carving out a unique space through a blend of technical know-how and an intuitive understanding of traders’ needs. 

Peter Davies’ experience goes beyond his professional roles; he’s a passionate trader. This duality as a trader and an entrepreneur is a critical factor that has shaped Jigsaw Trading’s ethos. The platform is designed not just as a tech product but as a tool that understands the pulse of trading. Davies’ approach to trading and software design reflects a “no man left behind” policy, as evident from the personalized touch in customer service that many users have praised.

This combination of a strong leadership background, authentic experience, and a genuinely user-centric approach sets Jigsaw Trading apart from other trading platforms. The company isn’t just selling a product; it’s offering a comprehensive trading experience shaped by people who know the industry inside and out. Therefore, when you invest in Jigsaw Trading, you’re not just buying a tool. You’re aligning yourself with a team that understands your journey and aims to make it successful.

Core Features of Jigsaw Trading

Jigsaw Trading has built a reputation for providing a robust and highly functional trading platform with features tailor-made for serious traders. Let’s look at some core features that make this platform stand out.

  • Daytradr Trading Platform

Specially crafted for day traders in futures and exchange-traded spreads, the Daytradr Trading Platform is versatile and highly efficient. It connects to multiple data feeds, making it a convenient hub for gathering all the necessary market information in one place.

  • Jigsaw Bridge/Plug-in

Jigsaw doesn’t live in isolation. It aims to be a part of your trading ecosystem. The platform can integrate with existing trading software like NinjaTrader, MetaTrader, and more through the Jigsaw Bridge. This makes it easier for traders to transition seamlessly without learning a new system.

  • Innovative Charting Tools

Jigsaw’s “LTF” charts are designed explicitly for lower time frames, offering granular insights that can be crucial for making quick trading decisions. These charts are more than just graphs; they are smart visual aids that provide a deep understanding of market trends.

  • Depth & Sales (Depth of Market)

Depth of Market, commonly known as DOM, gets a unique treatment in Jigsaw Trading. Instead of presenting raw data, Jigsaw curates it into a more user-friendly format, enabling traders to understand market liquidity and make informed decisions accordingly.

  • The Auction Vista – Order Flow History

This feature offers real-time and historical order flow visualization. Think of it as a time machine for your trades, allowing you to see market dynamics in a way that’s easy to understand.

The confluence of these features makes Jigsaw Trading a complete package for traders seeking a comprehensive and reliable trading platform. The company has effectively distilled complex trading elements into user-friendly features. This reaffirms that Jigsaw Trading is worth considering for your trading needs.

Educational and Customer Support

Jigsaw Trading’s commitment to education and customer support is equally impressive as its trading tool suite. The platform provides a plethora of educational resources aimed at both novice and experienced traders. From webinars to step-by-step guidelines, the educational materials cover various topics and trading strategies to help traders continuously improve their skills.

“No Man Left Behind” Policy

One of the hallmarks of Jigsaw Trading’s customer service is its “no man left behind” policy. Under this initiative, the CEO, Peter, actively ensures that traders receive the help and guidance they need. For instance, he is known to personally get on calls to answer questions and even assign ‘homework’ to help traders stay on track. This level of personalized attention is rare in the industry and attests to Jigsaw Trading’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Other Customer Support Features

In addition to one-on-one support, Jigsaw Trading offers regular updates, troubleshooting assistance, and a responsive customer service team ready to tackle any challenges traders face. Whether it’s a technical issue or a query about a trading strategy, the support team is adept at providing timely and comprehensive solutions.

Overall, Jigsaw Trading strongly emphasizes education and customer service, making it not just a tool but a partner in your trading journey. The substantial educational content and unmatched customer support underscore why many consider investing in Jigsaw Trading well worth it.


Several key aspects come into play when answering the question: Is Jigsaw Trading worth it? The founders, especially CEO Peter Davies, have extensive experience and a deep understanding of the trading world. This sets the tone for the company’s ethos. The platform offers comprehensive features such as Daytradr Trading Platform, Jigsaw Bridge/Plug-in, and innovative charting tools. In addition,  Jigsaw Trading complements these tools with an array of educational resources and robust customer support.

Users’ reviews overwhelmingly lean towards the positive, citing the platform’s rich feature set and superior customer service as standout qualities. 

So, is Jigsaw Trading worth it? The evidence indeed suggests so. Whether you’re an aspiring, struggling, or experienced trader, the platform offers a comprehensive set of tools designed to help you succeed in trading, backed by robust educational and customer support resources.

For those still curious or wish to make an informed decision, click here to learn more about Jigsaw Trading.