Is Outsourcing Medical Billing a Profitable Decision?

Do you find it difficult to keep your revenue cycle optimized? You must understand that it is the right time to make wise business decisions. Outsourcing medical billing is the best initiative you can take to boost profitability as well as the overall performance of your business.

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Because outsourced billing service providers are experts in their field, having sound knowledge and experience in managing the entire billing process efficiently. They follow the recent federal laws, HIPAA guidelines, coding, and billing norms of the healthcare industry.

Here’s how outsourcing billing services boost the profitability of your medical practice.

1. Improves Patient Care

The primary concern of every medical practitioner is to provide the best services when it comes to diagnosing as well as treating the patients. Sometimes healthcare providers don’t rely on outsourcing and decide to manage the revenue cycle in-house. They have to spend their valuable time on the complexities of medical billing and coding. They don’t have enough time to look after their patients with full attention. Which may end up in patients’ dissatisfaction. And you might fail to sustain your reputation in the market.

On the contrary, if you pay full-time attention to your patients, undoubtedly you will improve your patient’s experience and earn a good reputation. But this behavior impacts the revenue cycle drastically. As a result, medical practitioners have to face constant revenue loss, cashflow disruption, and sometimes severe economic crisis.

Therefore it is crucial for healthcare providers to think about balancing these non-care responsibilities and should take solid action to reduce their administrative burden. The best solution to handle this situation is outsourcing medical billing service. Because outsourced billing experts eliminate the excessive administrative burden of you and your staff. So you can freely concentrate on providing quality care to your patients. This enhances the reputation of your medical practice and you might witness an increased patient volume.

2. Reduces Excessive Costs

Every healthcare provider wants to cut expenses without compromising on quality and deadlines. As per experts, the best initiative you can take is partnering with billing service providers. You can reduce the costs significantly by outsourcing complicated tasks that require the recruitment of highly trained and well-experienced professionals. There are options available for every specialty such as billing services for podiatrists. Furthermore, by outsourcing medical billing you can also save money on the overall office infrastructure, purchase of advanced software, constant training of billing staff, and other operational costs.

More importantly, you will not face high staff turnover. For instance, you hire well-experienced employees and invest a hefty amount in their training. But sometimes, they leave the organization due to certain reasons. This situation not only affects the consistency of your workflow but also forces you to begin the recruitment cycle again. It’s a quite time-consuming task. But off-shore billing companies have suitable alternatives in case of an employee’s absence or resignation. So your revenue cycle continues with zero disruptions.

3. Minimizes Claim Denials

It is a fact that most of the time, your hard-earned revenue remains uncollected just because of the high rate of claim denials. Sometimes, medical practitioners asked their existing staff members to work with the complexities of the electronic medical records (EMR) and billing process. Which are not their expertise and also time-consuming. As a result, your in-house staff can’t manage the entire billing process in an efficient way. This leads to backlogs, patient dissatisfaction denied/rejected claims, and ultimately a slow revenue cycle.

However, by outsourcing medical billing, you can get rid of all these problems and enjoy a healthy bottom line. Because off-shore billing companies have a dedicated task force, whose ultimate goal is to maximize productivity in terms of reimbursements etc. They ensure the submission of clean medical claims in a timely manner.

For instance, they don’t just rely on the provided information from your front desk staff, but they also double-check the data to make sure that there are no errors. They ensure the accuracy of the information including the patient’s name, date of birth, address, gender, phone number, insurance policy, ID, etc.

Moreover, outsourced experts give the responsibility of medical coding to the certified coders, which decreases the chances of errors. They also make sure that all claims are submitted before deadlines because payers don’t accept such claims.  Hence the submission of error-free claims reduces the number of denied claims and maximizes the payment collection.

4. Streamlines Cashflow

Outsourced billing teams use advanced tracking software to monitor each and every submitted claim. They keep doing this tracking until healthcare providers get paid. If claims are denied they quickly take action and analyze the rejected claims to identify the common reasons. Then they rectify and appeal the claims in a given time frame. Which also maximizes the reimbursements. However, by cutting operational costs, submitting clean claims, and effective denial management, healthcare providers enjoy continuous cashflow.

If you are thinking about outsourcing medical billing, then MedcareMSO is the best choice for healthcare providers in the United States. Which provides reliable medical billing services to optimize your revenue cycle.

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