Is the Dark Web illegal? What you need to know

Hearing the word ”Dark web” gives people an impression of a bad website. Some people describe it as illegal and dangerous. Are the horror stories related to the dark web true? Is the dark web illegal? Is there good or benefits to using the dark web? Let’s find out as we go down through to this post.

Getting to Know the Dark web

What is the dark web? The Dark web is a part of the internet that cannot be found by simply browsing through a search engine. It is encrypted and requires software or code to access its pages. Maybe it is labeled as ”dark” due to its contents?.

Most people know the horrifying contents, how dangerous and powerful the dark web is. There are many divers, bloggers, and researchers whose studies prove it is better to stay away from using it. Especially to people who are just exploring the dark web for fun.

What can be found on the dark web?

The dark web is said to be the source of all kinds of criminal activities. Illegal trading is the most common activity you can find on the dark web. Such as buying and selling of drugs, guns, account credentials like bank accounts, ”lifetime” Netflix subscription, and more. You can even hire a hacker to invade someone else’s computer.

With all this illegal trading, enterprises and companies harm their market. They might be closed due to the unauthorized selling of their goods or leaking consumer’s confidential details.

Why does it even exist?

There are a lot of arguments about why the Dark web exists if it mostly contains illegal activities. Most people emphasize the awful side of it. Everything has a disadvantage and an advantage.

Knowing that the dark web is a good source of criminal activity, Authorities use it as a way to catch criminals. In 2015, the government announced that Interpol proposed a training program in technical information. It aims to take down and trace cyber crimes happening on the dark web.

For some countries where censorship is widespread, users dive into the deep web to share and see other happenings and issues in the world. There are people like journalists, bloggers, and whistleblowers who use the dark web to bypass censorship. Some use it not for diving elicit contents but to hide their identity while browsing the web.

Deep web and Dark web

Most people interchange the deep web with the dark web. But how do they differ from one another?

The dark web refers to the non-indexed, while darknet is pages that are both non-indexed and illegal activities.

The iceberg represents the page structure and what contents you can find on each page. The image shows that the dark web is beneath the deep web that contains a more complicated niche.

How to dive into the dark web

Most of the time, when people hear the word ”dark web” they start to ask if the so-called stories are real and how to get into it. Everyone can dive into the dark web. Here are the steps to safely browsing the dark web.

1. Use a trustworthy VPN before launching your TOR (The Onion Router)

It helps you for a more secure browsing on the dark web. Also, there are a lot of advantages of using a VPN like:

  • You can share files with others without worrying if the data might be exposed or leaked.
  • It provides remote access. It is an impressive tool for companies whose employees are working remotely. Your company data is safe as long as VPN is activated.
  • Increase your Anonymity. VPN completely protects your identity or data, such as browsing histories, personal info, or even your bank credentials.
  • It can bypass filters and blockers. You can access websites straight through it even if it has censorship filters.

Here are the best VPNs for 2021:

ExpressVPN has high unbreakable encryption that even the government cannot see your activities. Also, it has an automatic switch that quickly cuts its connection if the VPN drops out. It will not reveal your identity and location.

Surfshark’s NoBorders mode makes your connection undetectable so you can bypass firewalls. It changes encrypted traffic just like regular browsing. You can even go to a china server.

CyberGhost is an app that helps you to browse and connect to the dark web easily. It has a unique feature of starting up and gets connected automatically. A helpful feature that forgetful people will appreciate.


2. Download Tor (The onion router) 

The onion router or onion routing is a technique for anonymous communication over a computer network. Just like an onion skin, the messages go through multiple layers of encryption. It hides the identity and the activities of the users from tracing.

Make sure to set up your VPN before you connect your Tor. Then connect your VPN to the server of your country. With the help of your VPN and Tor, it will give you a balance of speed and security in browsing the dark web.

3. Open Tor and click ”Connect.”

Open or run your Tor. It will connect you to a Tor relay network. Now, you are ready to browse the Dark Web safely.

Dos and Don’ts on the dark web

As mentioned above, the dark web is a criminal’s heaven for illegal activities. It’s better to stay away than to take the risk merely for exploration and fun. a single wrong move, opens a window to a hacker that might use your computer to deal with prohibited acts. Also, the hacker can get your identity and use it against your will.

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts whenever you are browsing the dark web:


  1. Always check if your Tor is updated. Just like other software, it’s vulnerable to attack. Keeping it updated to ensure you are using the latest version.
  2. Make a new identity if needed. Tor has an excellent way to hide your identity. However, you can not avoid sites that might harm and track your browsing.
  3. Even though using Tor is safe,   using Tor with VPN is safer.
  4. Use anonymous email. You can use Tor-enable email for privacy. Some of the websites may ask for an email to verify your account.
  5. Also, be suspicious of sudden calls or emails impersonating organization officials pressuring you to take action or fine. It might be a trick of getting personal information.
  6. If you made transactions, monitor your bank accounts. You can set activity alerts on every account transaction you made.
  7. Use an anonymous Bitcoin wallet if you will make any purchase.
  8. Use PO boxes for delivering packages.


  1. Never use your real identity or even use your photo.
  2. Do not use your email or repeat the same password used before.
  3. Do not install a browser plugin, Add-ons, or extensions. It might manipulate and expose your IP address.
  4. Do not use Tor for downloading. It can bypass security and reveal your identity.
  5. Do not maximize the window size of your browser. Maximizing the browser of Tor allows them to identify the size of your monitor. It can be additional information to identify you.
  6. Do not use Google as your search engine. Google can save your login credentials, browsing history, and more. Also, you can use Tor’s default browser, DuckDuckGo. It’s a non-track Dark web search engine.

Who can access and use it?

Everyone can browse and use the dark web. Mostly are cybercriminals who are involved in illegal tradings such as drugs.

Based on the Tor web services searches in the graph above, most users search for the topic  ‘drugs’ via the darknet market. The darknet market earns most of the traffic from selling drugs, weapons, counterfeit currencies, credit card details, steroids, falsified documents and more.

Benefits of using the dark web

As people say, you can still find good in everything. Using the dark web has several advantages. Here are some of the legalities and benefits that you can find in using the dark web.

  1. It protects your identity, card details and other personal information that are important. It prevents identity theft.
  2. Government and intelligence use the dark web to search and track cybercriminals.
  3. Journalists can express and share information without risking their names to divulge sensitive issues.
  4. You can find engaging research and documents that can enhance your knowledge.
  5. For entrepreneurs, you can search for data strategy and employee background checking.
  6. You can buy legal goods without worries of getting your card details from malicious pages.
  7. As stated above, the dark web is more secure and will leave no trace of your activities.

Best website to explore in the Deep web

Searches in the deep web are still at your own risk There are a lot of intriguing and educational content that will blow your mind. Here is the list of dark websites found on the deep web.


This site releases scientific research and all. Sci-hub database is composed of over 70 million documents related to scientific research documents. Also, you can find 99% of academic articles worldwide. It supports the rights of everyone to access educational documents regardless of their status.


The site has many journalists publishing and exposing abuses such as companies, government, institutions engaged in corruption and harassment cases. The site contains sections such as politics, technology, business, health, and more.

ProPublica has been recognized with four Pulitzers due to its work to stop laws against freedom of expression in the United States. Moreover, the site is a non-profit website who get support from their readers.


WikiLeaks earns the eye of the media as the source of uncensored government and political documents. Many agencies and different governments are questioning the content of the site. It stays on the same page as a reliable source of government reports.

Intel Exchange

Are you curious about paranormal topics and many controversial issues? Unbelievable and weird experiences such as conspiracy theories, UFOs, Illuminatis, and more. You can find it all on the Intel Exchange forum.

Number Station

This site is one of the weirdest websites on the deep web. Upon landing on the page, you will see an audio player that will play automatically. You will hear voices from different languages, dialects, or even numbers to decipher.

These codes might be codes sent by the military or spies. No one knows if these messages are recorded or in real-time. Are you brave enough to unlock these creepy messages?


This site is a quality reference for what is happening in the world of cryptocurrencies, Tor updates and cybersecurity. The flashlight has crisp information to offer to its readers.

Hidden Wiki

The hidden wiki is a compilation of more deep web websites. It contains the most trendy and various topics. Just be careful of the pages you are visiting. You might engage yourself in fraudulent sites that can track and expose your identity.


The deep web as a whole is mostly engaging in illegal activities. However, there are a lot of good things that you can find in using the deep web. It has always been the intention of the user.

People have the free will to do whatever makes them satisfied. One is for sure, keep away from the deep web for best security. You can never tell if you are safe still. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Researched and written by content consultants The Converted Click Uk based out of London United Kingdom. Disclaimer – We do not endorse any illegal or criminal behavior on the dark web or the deep web. This is purely for educational purposes.


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