Is the Delay on Manchester United’s Takeover Impacting Its Stock Price?

The recent hype surrounding the inevitable takeover of English Premier League side Manchester United has seen several impacts on the club’s stock price. 

At one point, it was reported on March 22nd that share prices had risen by 6% ahead of the deadline takeover, which was then delayed, and then just a few days later, the company’s stock price fell 13%.  

Which owners are currently in the running to take over Manchester United?

Over the past few months, several potential new owners have been named in the bidding war for Manchester United. Some of the most likely candidates include Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the Qatar Sovereign Group, and the Dubai Sovereign Group. 

To better understand which of these potential owners is most likely to succeed in their bid, the best thing to do is try to understand the betting odds. Let’s take a quick look at some of the average odds that are currently swirling around the internet. 

  • At the time of writing, the odds-on favourite to buy Manchester United and become the new owner is Sir Jim Ratcliffe. He’s currently priced at around 3/1 in UK fractional odds. In other words, he has a 25.00% implied probability rate of winning the bid. If you prefer the American/moneyline odds format, 3/1 is +300, and if you prefer decimal odds, it’s 4.00
  • The Qatar Sovereign Group are currently the second odds-on favourite. They are currently priced at around 16/5, which gives them a 23.80% implied probability rate of taking over United. In American/moneyline odds, 16/5 is 320, and in decimal odds, it’s 4.20
  • The Dubai Sovereign Group are currently priced at 4/1 (which is 400, or 5.00), which means they have a 20% implied probability rate of winning

Who else joined the bidding war?

According to reports, some of the other multi-billion dollar individuals/companies that are also interested in buying one of England’s most iconic football clubs are Michael Knighton, Jim O’Neill, the Pagliuca/Tanenbaum Group, and even Elon Musk. 

Michael Knighton is currently priced at around 13/2 (650 or 7.50). Jim O’Neill is currently priced at around 9/1 (900 or 10.00). Elon Musk is currently priced at around 10/1 (1,000, or 11.00), and the Pagliuca/Tanenbaum Group are currently priced at around 15/1 (1,500, or 16.00). 

Don’t forget that these odds are subject to change at any time. 

Where can I bet on Manchester United’s remaining 2022/23 fixtures?

If you would like to bet on any of Manchester United’s remaining fixtures of the current 2022/23 Premier League campaign, one of the best sites with the most competitive odds you can turn to is the official Unibet online bookmaker. 

Manchester United are currently the third odds-on favourite team to win the Premier League behind Arsenal and Manchester City, and they are the odds-on favourite to win the UEFA Europa League. 

They have eight games left to play in the league and are currently in third place with 59 points. So far, they have played 30 games, won 18, drawn 5, and lost 7, and they have scored 46 goals and let in 37, which gives them a +9 goal difference. 

Upcoming Fixtures

Let’s take a quick look at Manchester United’s remaining fixtures:

  • Thursday, April 20th – Manchester United travel away to Seville to play in the second leg of the Europa League quarter-final (2-2 agg.)
  • Sunday, April 23rd – Manchester United travel away to play Brighton in the FA Cup semi-finals
  • April 27th – They play Tottenham Hotspur away in the Premier League

They also still have Aston Villa, Brighton, West Ham, Wolves, Bournemouth, and Fulham to play in the league. More information about these fixtures can be found on the official Manchester United website.