Islamic Studies Course for Kids – Its aims and features 

Islam is a deep and beautiful religion that guides people in all areas of life. But sometimes it is difficult to adhere to your Islamic values ​​or raise children in a non-Muslim country because of an unfavorable environment. To impart the affection of Islam in children and increase their knowledge of Islam, parents should take care of very authentic and reliable classes that aim to nurture and shape little minds according to Islam. To achieve the goal of Islamic learning by kids, an Islamic studies course for kids is designed to teach Islamic studies to children at an age-appropriate level, taking into account the special needs and requirements of Muslims living in non-Muslim countries. 

Aim of the course

This course aims to cumulatively develop the essential Islamic knowledge of your children and to nurture Islamic morals in their character. The aim is to ensure a gradual and logical progression and to facilitate the understanding of Islamic concepts and terms. 

Features ofIslamic Studies Course for Kids’

Here are some of the key features of Islamic Studies Course for Kids

Online Islamic classes for kids 

This course has been designed specifically to teach children about Islam so that it can provide a comprehensive Islamic education to our young students efficiently and competitively. Instead of teaching children Islamic education based on traditional criteria, their teachers adopt interactive and enjoyable methods of Islamic education for children to make learning fun.  In this way, your children will not only gain knowledge and new knowledge about Islam but will also be excited to learn more about its wonderful teachings as they grow up.

Online Islamic Education Specialists 

This course has dedicated and highly qualified teachers with extensive experience in teaching online Islamic courses. Also, most of these teachers graduated from Al-Azhar University; one of the most prestigious universities in the Islamic world.  All their male and female teachers have been evaluated and selected before being given the responsibility of teaching children Islamic studies. They also have excellent English skills to communicate with their students and teach effectively.

Islamic customs and ethics 

In addition to the extensive Islamic knowledge the child will learn, their teachers will also teach your child Islamic practices and ethics and how to apply them in their own lives and make a valuable contribution to the society in which they live. This online Islamic classes for kids also helps a lot to play different online Islamic lessons for kids on YouTube for little kids when they have free time to review what they have learned regularly. 

Individual Islamic lessons for kids

Online Quran lessons are arranged by the course instructors personally. The teachers pay close attention to each student to ensure effective progress. Online lessons are 30-40 percent faster than group lessons because personal online lessons allow students to receive full attention and learn faster than group lessons. 

Monthly and weekly reports

 A monthly and weekly reporting assessment tool where parents can be informed about their children’s progress during their children’s Islamic learning. Parents can also monitor their babies’ daily learning through the feedback reports generated by the instructor of a student. 

Payments payable 

The goal of the course is to provide the best Islamic tutors and Islamic preschool services online at an affordable price. Compared to educational institutions and facilities that charge a very high price for their course, online Islamic classes are a much more convenient option both in terms of price and learning.

Outcomes of Islamic studies school for kids

There are several different learning objectives and outcomes that are required to be obtained after the completion of an Islamic studies course for kids in a given lesson.

  • Learn Tafseer of Surahs through advanced techniques like multimedia.
  • Learn Do’a and follow Sunah for the love of Islam.  
  • Understand Seerah integrated with values ​​and form personalities. 
  • Learn and develop a love for the prophets. 
  • Learn to follow in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad SAWW through his hadiths.
  • Understand the explanations of topics by discussing through fiqh.  
  • Learn Islamic etiquette towards parents, relatives, siblings, and society as a whole. The value-based integrated learning of students shapes their personality after attending our Islamic kindergartens.

Teachers of Islamic studies classes for kids

  • The teachers employed to teach Islamic studies are certified by the most famous educational institutions in the Islamic world like Al Azhar University.  
  • Teachers are selected after several tests and interviews so that some of the best are selected. 
  • Selected teachers of Egyptian origin speak fluent English and can teach students living around the world. 
  • They have developed innovative and engaging teaching techniques for children. 
  • The online Islamic teachers are very experienced in teaching young children and know very well how to develop their interests. Students at a young age may divert their attention in different directions it is the expertise of a talented teacher how to keep the attention of the student on a key point. 
  • This Islamic learning provides a wide selection of male and female teachers who work diligently to provide their knowledge.


It is the right of every child to teach him Islamic knowledge. But as per the busy routine and schedule of parent they might not get enough time to teach their child appropriately. Online Islamic course for kids provides the best site that can overcome all the hurdles and barriers and provides the Islamic knowledge to your kids at your home. Your child can stay safe at home under your supervision and.