5 Amazing Items To Help Promote Your Business

From stationary to keychains to pens and everything in between, promotional items are a big business these days. Some companies sell promotional items with imprinted logos on them for a variety of reasons. This could be to generate interest in the company, to offer something unique that celebrates the brand, or simply to try to build brand recognition through small, low priced items. Other times, these custom logo items can be given away or distributed in various ways to generate customer interest in the company. And this works across many different industries.

Restaurants, banks, cafes, offices, and even B2B organizations can all benefit from advertising themselves passively through promotional logo items. In this article, we will discuss five different types of logo items and why they might make a good option to use for your brand.


Pens - help promote your business

Nothing beats the old standby of handing out pens for promotions. Why pens? Pens are one of the most ubiquitous and useful items somebody can receive. Everybody needs to write something down once in a while, whether it’s a phone number, grocery list, or sign their name. Pens are great for that and it’s always nice to have them around. Sometimes, if you work in an office, pens have a tendency to go missing out of nowhere. If you have a pen handy, you can just continue writing without issue.

Customers love receiving them because they are a small token of appreciation that has a lot of function and use. Plus, pens can be cool. People like to collect them sometimes and they come in a lot of different shapes, styles, and colors. If you offer customizable promotional pens to your customers via giveaways, loyalty, or even sold as part of other promotions, you can get a lot of mileage out of having your logo out in the world while making your current customers quite happy with an awesome free gift.


Offering keychains as a promotional item is a great way to promote your business, especially if you’re looking for something distinct and memorable. They’re inexpensive, they look cool, and they promote your business to anyone who sees them. Plus, they make great giveaways at trade shows and other events. Choose a keychain that reflects your company’s branding or logo, then give it away. Consider offering them in conjunction with items like rulers, frisbee’s, pencils, erasers and other small items that can supplement the keychain.

Keychains can also be customized to still contain your logo but look unique, whether it’s a picture inside of a rectangle frame or a keychain designed like one of the products you manufacture. There’s plenty of variety available here, so be sure to take the time to develop an idea and get creative.


Tech is so ubiquitous these days, it only makes sense that it would make a great promotional gift. But you don’t have to break the bank with your tech-based gifts. They can be something as simple as a pen-and-flashlight combo, a pop socket, or a stylus pen. Other items, like earbuds can offer some excellent functioning that will make people happy.

If you want to get real creative, you might even offer a USB fan or something similar. The options are truly unlimited when it comes to tech-based gifts, so don’t forget to have some fun with them and use them to show potential customers that you’re a business worth visiting.

Coffee Cups

To use coffee cups and mugs as a promotional device, you don’t need to limit it or restrict it to a certain type of mug. Ceramic mugs are a great option for people who love their coffee hot and drink it regularly in the morning. That’s especially true if they want something durable that will last for a long time. Most people need a cup that will last them through two to three cups of coffee every morning. For those people who think they’re coffee on the go, you might consider offering a travel mug or tumbler of some kind.

Tumblers are great for iced coffee because they have a built in straw most of the time. Insulated, double walled tumblers made from stainless steel can keep coffee hot for long periods. Coffee mugs, cups, and tumblers are all great gift ideas for employees, investors, clients, partners, and coworkers. Better yet, they’re going to have your name and logo on them so when someone sees you using them for your morning commute, at a cafe, or even around a public place, they’re going to be more likely to recognize your brand and hopefully become a customer at some point.

Reusable Bags

Reusable bags - help promote your business

Going to the store to shop for groceries or other items isn’t always the most fun of occasions. It can be a hassle to walk around the store, select your items, and then bag them up yourself at the end of the trip. Worse, you’re likely putting them in plastic bags which aren’t good for the environment. Your company can get ahead of this by offering eco-friendly reusable tote bags. Reusable bags come in a wide array of different styles, including larger bags, zippered bags, and canvas bags.

They’re all made from lightweight, eco-friendly materials that won’t damage the environment when they’re being used. They save companies a lot of money over the long term and have the added bonus of speaking to the environmentally conscious customers among us. The best part is you can offer a special discount or loyalty program as part of your reusable bag promotion. Have customers bring them back and reuse them to obtain a discount. It’s a great way to give them something extra to use they can promote your brand while also providing additional value when they revisit your store.