ITIL 4 Certification – How will it help your career?

In recent years, it is evident that no business can function without the use of technology. Business operations, marketing, sales, and day-to-day functions, technology is a part of everything. The most successful companies in any part of the world are highly dependent on technology. However, with this fast pace of technology and the continuous changes and upgrades, the businesses need to keep up with the updates.

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Evolving along with the technologies and moving at the pace of the upgrades keeps up its efficiency. To hold up to this fast pace, IT Service Management (ITSM) is used. This tool is responsible for assessing the current processes involved in the functioning of the companies and then developing the IT services based on that knowledge.

It is where the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) comes into play. This design of the framework is used to standardize selecting, planning, delivering, and maintaining the IT services for a company.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library is also responsible for processing the IT data within an organization and the services that are meant for the customers. The ITIL framework improves efficiency and by doing this and achieves the predicted service delivery. One of the best features of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library is its versatility; this is one reason behind its popularity and demand.

The framework has been designed to suit the needs of different organizations in different sectors. It adapts to the organizations’ requirements, which allows organizations to embrace the framework according to their needs.

In the ITIL certification course, you will get 16 hours of instructor-led training to build the fundamentals of this framework. Moreover, by completing this course, you will also get 16 Professional Development Units (PDUs).

An ITIL certification course will prepare you for the foundation exam and help build your skills. Further, at the end of the course, you will also be provided with proper examination preparation and two sample papers which will help you practice for the certification exam.

The ITIL Foundation certificate is an essential exam as this becomes an eligibility criterion for any further certification levels.

What are the career benefits of having an ITIL 4 Certification?

With the increasing demand for technology in every aspect of the business, the demand for trained professionals to manage IT services is also increasing. Here are some of the top career benefits of having an ITIL 4 certification:

  • This certification course is a low-risk investment as the market for such professionals is stable. Professionals with the ITIL 4 certification will remain in demand for the years to come as IT’s reach has spread to all industries and organizations.
  • Through this certification course, you will get a detailed insight into how IT services work. The ITIL framework will help you immensely in your day-to-day work operations and help you manage your work better.
  • You will have better job prospects once you complete the ITIL certification course. This course will open opportunities for you in different sectors. As the demand for trained IT professionals is high, you are assured of getting a good job.
  • By completing this certification course, you can increase your earning potential. With this certification, you can get better pay at your existing job. Your pay scale and remuneration for the work you do can be significantly larger.
  • ITIL certification is a globally recognized certification. Therefore, you will not be restricted by geography. You can take up jobs and opportunities in other countries, and this certification is accepted by companies internationally.
  • By pursuing the ITIL certification course, you can show your ability, expertise, and management skills and be recognized for your workplace work. You can also be promoted due to your updated and enhanced skill set after this certification.
  • If you are a fresher, you will understand the terminologies and jargons used in the field of IT and services. Along with this, you will also be able to work efficiently in different industries and sectors.
  • This certification would be a beneficial addition for someone interested in the business and IT side of an organization and would like to learn IT’s impact on the overall business.
  • The ITIL certification can also open job opportunities for you within your current organization. You can migrate to a different team and can be nominated for promotions.
  • This certification will help you build industry-level skills and competencies, which will be useful in the long run.

Who should take the ITIL 4 Certification course?

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification course can be done by anyone interested in learning more about IT services and has a desire to pursue this as a career. However, the course is perfect for:

  • IT Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Business Managers
  • Computer Science Students
  • Business Process Owners
  • Individuals with an interest in IT services and management
  • ITSM Managers
  • ITIL certified professionals who want to upgrade their skills

What is taught in the ITIL Certification course?

The curriculum of the certification course has been designed while keeping in mind the final certification examination. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library course will teach you the fundamental concepts and terms used in this field.

You will also be taught about the processes of continuous improvement. The ITIL certification course will also guide you to apply the practices learned in the course to real-life business situations. There are no pre-requisites to enroll in the course and learn ITIL 4. Along with this, there are no eligibility criteria that have been set for the certification exam.

The curriculum of the course includes:

  • Introduction to ITIL 4
  • ITIL Key Concepts
  • ITIL Guiding Principles
  • The Four Dimensions of Service Management
  • The ITIL Service Management System
  • Overview of ITIL Practices

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