iTrustCapital Review 2023: Alternative Investments Made Easy

Are you tired of the traditional stock market and looking for alternative investment options? Have you considered iTrustCapital? 

As a fellow investor, I can tell you that iTrustCapital has made alternative investments, such as precious metals and cryptocurrency, more accessible and easier to manage. 

And, the best part? You can do it all through a self-directed IRA! With 24/7 trading, a user-friendly interface, and low fees, iTrustCapital has made it its mission to simplify the world of alternative investments for people like us. 

That said, I’ve tailored this iTrustCapital Review to walk you through the ropes about this platform and see if it’s the right fit for you!

What is iTrustCapital?

They were founded in 2018 with a mission to make alternative investments, like precious metals and crypto, easy peasy for everyone to access through self-directed IRAs. 

And they’ve been killing it ever since! With over $6 billion in transaction volume, they’ve become a boss in the alternative investment world.

But they don’t just rest on their laurels. ITrustCapital is always improving and evolving its platform to ensure they’re meeting your needs. 

From adding more funding options to expanding their asset range, they’re always working to bring you the best experience possible.

iTrustCapital Features

Here’s a glimpse of what iTrustCapital has in store for you:

  • Trading Platform

iTrustCapital’s trading platform allows for the buying and selling of popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This feature allows investors to take advantage of market movements and maximize returns.

  • Digital Wallets

iTrustCapital’s digital wallets are designed to securely store assets, ensuring that investors’ investments are safe from cyber threats. The wallets are user-friendly and provide an easy way to access and manage crypto assets.

  • IRS/Tax Reporting

iTrustCapital’s platform includes all necessary reporting for tax-advantaged retirement accounts. This feature helps investors keep track of their investments and avoid any issues with the IRS.

  • Precious Metals

The inclusion of physical gold and other precious metals in retirement portfolios is another unique feature of iTrustCapital. This allows traders to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of precious metals’ stability.

  • Cryptocurrency IRAs

iTrustCapital’s platform also allows the inclusion of crypto assets and Bitcoin IRA in a tax-advantaged retirement account. This provides investors with the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies and benefit from the tax advantages of an IRA.

  • Funding Methods

iTrustCapital offers a variety of funding methods, making it easy for investors to fund their accounts and start trading. The variety of funding methods available makes it possible for investors to find the method that best fits their needs.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for novice and experienced investors to navigate. The interface is intuitive and provides all the information and tools investors need to manage their alternative investments effectively.

How Much Does iTrustCapital Cost?

With their $0/month fee for personal accounts, you can save more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

iTrustCapital only charges a 1% fee for all your cryptocurrency transactions and a small $50 fee for each ounce of gold traded. And for all you silver enthusiasts, a $2.50 fee per ounce of silver traded. 

No hidden fees or surprises here, making iTrustCapital a smart and budget-friendly choice compared to other alternative investment platforms.

Pros and Cons of iTrustCapital 


  • Exceptional customer support, always there to assist
  • Budget-friendly, low fees to get started
  • Quick account setup with 24/7 trading options
  • Hassle-free in-kind transfers
  • Get educated with the Knowledge Center’s wealth of resources
  • Diversify your portfolio with options to buy gold and silver
  • A safe and secure platform that’s fully regulated


  • Narrow selection of cryptocurrencies
  • Minimum account requirements
  • Custodial wallet services are offered but limited

Alternatives to iTrustCapital 

Looking for some alternatives to iTrustCapital? Well, you’ve got options! Check out Augusta Precious Metals, Sofi Roth IRA, and Alto IRA

Each of these platforms offers its own unique take on alternative investment options, like precious metals and cryptocurrency. 

Whether you’re looking for more personalized service, lower fees, or a wider range of investment options, these alternatives are definitely worth a look at.

Is iTrustCapital Worth it? 

So, here’s the bottom line, my friend – iTrustCapital is your one-stop-shop for all things alternative investment. 

Whether you’re looking to invest in shiny precious metals, high-flying cryptocurrencies, or digital assets, you can do it all through a self-directed IRA on iTrustCapital’s platform. 

Its budget-friendly fees, easy account setup, and user-friendly interface make it a great option for the adventurous investor. Remember, self-directed IRAs aren’t for the faint of heart, so make sure you have the know-how and experience before jumping in. 

And if you’re a US citizen ready to take the plunge, simply head over to iTrustCapital’s website to sign up and get started.

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