Jade Roller Sourcing in 2021

What’s a jade roller?

The jade roller is a beauty device made of jade or quartz, and it is used for facial massage. The history of jade roller can trace back to seventh-century China. And the jade treatment has been used for thousands of years in skincare.

What’s the difference between a jade roller and a rose quartz roller?

First, the color is different. The jade roller is green in color. The quartz roller can have multiple colors. The primary color is the light rose.

Second, the jade roller disperses heat much more effortlessly than quartz crystal so that the quartz roller can keep cool more prolonged than the jade roller during the facial massage.

Third, the quartz roller product cost is higher than the jade roller.

What’s a jade roller and a rose quartz roller supply chain?

In China, the manufacturers are located in Shandong and Guangdong provinces. 70% of jade rollers come from Guangdong province, 30% come from Shandong province.

What are the jade roller differences between the two locations?

  1.     Products from Shandong province are cheaper than products from Guangzhou.
  2.     Guangdong products are fine craft.
  3.     The manufacturers from Guangdong are highly coordinated and efficient.
  4.     Guangdong manufacturers are more willing to customize the products, such as printing logos and packages.

What does the jade roller package look like?

Usually, the jade roller and rose quartz roller come with boxes. The boxes contain foam to protect the jade roller safely during shipping. Also, a user manual comes with the jade roller. The manual tells your customers how to use the jade roller to make the skin better.

How can we customize the jade roller?

First, we can have your brand logo on the jade roller centermost of the sellers print their logo in this part.

Second, the boxes can change to your store or brand name. If you would like to customize the box style, the MOQ may apply.

Third, the user manual can be customized according to your format.

What are related products with a jade roller?

  1.     Gua Sha board, Gua Sha board, can combine as a set product with jade roller and rose quartz roller.
  2.     Jade roller one side with massage tools
  3.     Jade roller for eye area usage

How many kinds of colors does a jade roller have?


How does jade roller ship to my customers?

The weight of single jade roller with box: 170g approximately

The weight of jade roller and Gua Sha board: 220g approximately


Ship to US: USPS/Express

Estimated shipping time:

USPS: 5-8 business days

Express: 2-3 business days


Ship to Canada: Canada Post/Express

Estimated shipping time:

Canada Post: 5-7 business days

Express: 2-3 business days


Ship to UK: Roya Mail/Hermes/Express

Estimated shipping time:

Royal Mail/Hermes: 4-6 business days

Express: 2-3 business days


Ship to Germany: DHL Globalmail/Express

Estimated shipping time:

DHL Globalmail: 4-6 business days

Express: 2-3 business days


Ship to Australia: Australia Post/Express

Estimated shipping time:

Australis Post: 4-6 business days

Express: 3-4 business days

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