Jaguar Parts: Top 5 Jaguar Cars That You MUST HAVE!

When we talk about Jaguar parts, we’re talking about the top Jaguar cars that benefit from these premium-built parts. These cars are only as good as their parts and, fortunately, jaguar parts are some of the best out there.

So, when you want your car to have the best parts, make sure you get a Jaguar! Here are the best Jaguar parts … er, Jaguar cars that you MUST HAVE!

Jaguar XK120

The Jaguar XK120 is Jaguar’s granddaddy car. The company started manufacturing it in 1948, and then discontinued it in 1954. It remains the standard when it comes classic sports cars. You’ll love its classic look, aluminum panels and wooden frame.

You enjoy a top speed of 120 mph – if you want. We’d keep this beauty on display though, just to keep it in tip-top shape. Of course, with its Jaguar parts, you can always take this one out for a spin! Buy the Jaguar XK120 for at least $150,000.

Jaguar XJS

If you’re new at collecting classic cars, then you might want to try to start with the Jaguar XJS. This is a beginner Jaguar and it costs only around $50,000. Still, it is a wonderful addition to your car collection. You can rely on this car if you take care of it, with properly maintained Jaguar parts and, of course, some TLC. It’s easily one of the most desirable classic cars.

Jaguar XJR-9

If you want speed, then you should have the Jaguar XJR-9 as part of your collection. This is one of the most in-demand Jaguar cars (and Jaguar parts) around. It has won several distinctions, including wining the 1988 Le Mans and 2010 Le Mans Legends. This is an amazing car and, if you’ve got the budget, you should get it. It costs at least $3 million when you chance upon this car on auction.

Jaguar XJ6

As the official car of the British Royalty, the Jaguar XJ6 is truly a superior breed. It is distinguished with its 2.8/4.2 liter engine, leather interiors, power steering and distinct grille. A Jaguar XJ6 can cost you at least $170,000.

Jaguar E-Type

Legendary car enthusiast Enzo Ferrari once called the Jaguar E-type “most beautiful car ever made.” That alone should be enough to make you want to add the e-type (or the Jaguar XKE) to your collection.

Jaguar has stopped production of the e-type in 1975. However, you can still find the cars on auction. Several Jaguar parts vendors also carry extensive accessories and other e-type replacement parts. This is the classic vintage car that you can have if you have a few million dollars to spare.

Our Top 5 Cars: Our Top Jaguar Parts

These Jaguar cars continue to dominate the automotive industry because their Jaguar parts keep them going. With easy availability of Jaguar OEM parts or Jaguar aftermarket parts, you can confidently make these cars your investment.

Start collecting them. And – of course – take them out for a spin and impress your friends with some of the world’s best cars.

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