Jigsaw Trading Coupon Code

Trading can seem complicated and overwhelming, especially when just starting. This is where intuitive platforms like Jigsaw Trading come into play. They offer powerful yet easy-to-use tools and resources to help simplify trading.

Jigsaw Trading specializes in Order Flow trading, presenting this intricate methodology in an understandable and user-friendly manner. Their platform provides top-tier trading tools and comprehensive educational resources to empower aspiring traders. 

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What is Jigsaw Trading?

Jigsaw Trading is an educational platform that provides resources for order flow traders. It offers tools, tutorials, and a community to help traders at any level improve their skills.

Jigsaw provides top-tier trading software and educational materials centered around order flow, the technique of analyzing market liquidity to gain an edge. While order flow trading may seem complicated, Jigsaw breaks it into easy-to-understand concepts.

Their platform lets you access trading tools, video lessons, live webinars, and more. They aim to give you the insights and confidence to become a better order flow trader.

Jigsaw Trading focuses on resources for retail and institutional traders interested in order flow methods. This may not be the right platform if you’re looking to try other trading strategies or want a more passive approach.

Key Jigsaw Trading Features

A few of the key features that make Jigsaw Trading stand out are:

  • Daytradr Trading Platform: The Daytradr platform is designed specifically for active futures and spreads day traders. It connects data feeds and platforms like CQG, Rithmic, GAIN Futures, Tradovate, Interactive Brokers, and IQFeed. 
  • Jigsaw Bridge/Plug-in: For those who prefer to trade on platforms like NinjaTrader, MetaTrader, or MultiCharts, Jigsaw offers plug-ins to connect the Daytradr platform directly. This provides the benefits of the Daytradr features within your preferred trading software.
  • Comprehensive Charting: The Daytradr platform and Jigsaw “LTF” charts include full-featured charting tools tailored for day trading. The charts are designed to work right out of the box without customization. 
  • Depth of Market (DOM): The depth of market tool, also called the order book, shows the interaction between passive limit orders and active market orders. It gives you insight into a particular market’s trading activity and liquidity. 
  • Platform Compatibility: Jigsaw Trading supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. So, whether you prefer to trade on a desktop computer or a laptop, the Jigsaw tools will work on your preferred platform.
  • Auction Vista: This feature provides a detailed view of real-time and historical order flow, highlighting high-volume areas, iceberg orders, and points where the market changes direction. Using this tool, you can analyze trading activity and spot opportunities.
  • Trade Simulator: The trade simulator gives you realistic fills on limit orders and slippage on market and stop orders. This makes it ideal for practicing new techniques and strategies without risking real money. 
  • Pace of Tape (PoT) Smart Gage: This gage helps determine how actively a market trades compared to historical averages. It can show you when a market is more volatile so you can adjust your strategies accordingly. 
  • Reconstructed Tape: The reconstructed tape tool provides alerts for events like iceberg orders, large block trades, and divergences. It gives you a detailed view of order flow to see how the market moves and spot important turning points. 
  • Position and Orders Analysis Window: This interface allows you to manage workspaces and trade directly. You can view your positions, working orders, order history, and account information all in one place.

Jigsaw Trading Pricing & Plans

Jigsaw Trading offers three pricing plans for its platform. The plans vary based on features and data access.

  • Independent ($579) – access to the Daytradr platform, Journalytix, trade calendar, leaderboard, chat room, trade simulator, support, and basic training
  • Professional ($879) – This plan includes all the benefits above and advanced order flow training.
  • Institutional ($1,979) – This plan has all the above benefits, plus institutional training and 12 months of group therapy sessions.

With three pricing tiers and options to add live data access, the Jigsaw Trading platform can work for traders at any stage. Their coupon codes and promotions make it even more accessible. Use our coupon code ‘modestmoney’ to save $25 on your sign-up fee today.

Final Thoughts on Jigsaw Trading

If you’re serious about becoming an expert in order flow trading, Jigsaw Trading is your ideal platform. Their laser focus on order book trading means you’ll get resources tailored specifically to prop trading techniques using market orders, limit orders, and tape reading.

You’ll also get access to an entire community of prop traders. You can connect with other traders in the chat rooms, watch experienced traders stream live, and attend webinars to gain insights into how the pros read the tape and anticipate market movements.

Compared to other prop trading platforms (TraderVue, TrendSpider, and Trade Ideas), Jigsaw Trading is very budget-friendly. Plans start at $97/month with no long-term contracts. They frequently offer coupon codes and discounts if you pay annually instead of month-to-month. 

If cost has been holding you back from professional trading tools, Jigsaw Trading removes that barrier. Save $25 on sign-up using our promo code ‘modestmoney’. Click here to start your trading adventure on Jigsaw Trading.