Why is the Jobs to be Done framework essential for a successful startup?

Opening a business and running a startup can be intimidating and daunting – but it doesn’t have to be. With enough resources and help to guide you along your path, you can successfully run a business without worrying about going under!

Learning how to fund a startup, organize your business, and continue churning out creative ideas is essential to running a successful and lucrative company. Without hitting the landmarks and checkpoints as you grow your business, you will see your company begin to stagnate – before failing altogether.

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Instead, be proactive and find a framework of how to organize your business in the most effective way possible or find experts in a field like Brian Rhea. This way, you can ensure your business stays on the positive side of the financial line.

How the Jobs to be Done framework can help startups!

If you have never heard of a Jobs to be Done framework, you should – especially if you are a new business. This framework has changed how many entrepreneurs and bosses view their business, competition, and employees. By forcing those in charge to adopt other perspectives and points of view, the jobs to be done framework can broaden the horizons of those at the highest level.

The main focal point of the jobs to be done framework focuses on the purpose of the product – why does your product exist, and what is it meant to do? For instance, if you own a computer, you may say it is used to type, search for products, or play games. However, if you are thinking of a framework for the job, you need to take into account the various solutions and reasons why people buy YOUR product over others!

Identify jobs that need to be done

The jobs to be done framework can help startups identify what jobs are required to be done. Want to know what people need in your local area? Answer this question – by finding out what is in demand, you can find out what product to produce. When you see customers coming up with what they need, you can use this group-think idea to help your business.

Categorize what needs to be done

The jobs to be done framework can help split the tasks into various groups, such as the ‘main’ job and the ‘side’ jobs. The main jobs that need to be done refer to the specific goals the customers want to teach, while the related jobs to be done are the associated tasks that help them achieve the main job to be done. By combining the two jobs, we can see the overarching goal – and how we can get there.

Find the competition

As a business, you need to find the competition – and see that makes you better. The jobs to be done framework helps you realize what products customers want, where they are finding their solutions, or why they are not finding answers to their problems.


The Jobs to be Done framework is an essential component to running a successful startup. By identifying your competition, categorizing the jobs that have to be done, and identifying what has to be completed, you can help tailor your products and services to your customer’s needs.

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