JPT’S Big Achievement – First Set of Flexible Perovskite Film Cutting Equipment Effectively Delivered!


Perovskite Film Cutting Equipment – Revolution in the field of photovoltaics is another feather in the crown of JPT by inventing work of genius in the Laser Technology Field.

Lately, JPT has revolutionized the field of laser technology by manufacturing Flexible Perovskite Thin Film Cutting machines. The first equipment of this latest innovation was customized for Dazheng (Jiangsu) Micro-Nano Technologies Co., Ltd. Today, this equipment is approved and officially accepted for the commencement of the production.

Photovoltaic Products: Huge Investments & Leadership Due to Its Impeccable Performance:

Ø Perovskite: A material characterized by the crystal structure of Perovskite, i.e., Calcium Titanium Oxide. The chemical formula is CaTiO3.

Ø Perovskite Solar Cells: These cells can be fabricated using Perovskite – an organic metal binary compound of halogen (halide) semiconductors, which absorbs light. These cells fall in the category of the latest 3rd generation solar cells.

Perovskite Solar Cells are proved to be the best options that have made record progress in the effectiveness of Photoelectric Conversion.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Oxford University, Panasonic, Sharp, etc. have pumped huge capital into Photovoltaic Industry, especially in the field of material R&D and workforce because for the following principal reasons:

  • Very Low Cost
  • Excellent Performance
  • High Commercial Value

The latest trend depicts huge investments in the Global Research and Development of the Photovoltaic industry. The world has showcased the colossal efficiency and usefulness of Perovskite Solar Cells.

Photovoltaic Products: Non-Stop Improvements to Attain Unparalleled Output:

On PEN- ITO (Indium Tin Oxide coated Polyethylene Naphthalate film as substrate), the first set of flexible Perovskite thin-film substrates was initiated. After the successful testing by the customers, this process was started. The technique of using an optimized ultra-short laser was used. Under this process, the absorber layer was selectively removed. Furthermore, in the same process, the back electrode layer was scratched off. And, utmost care of not damaging the substrate was taken.

Efficient Designing has been affected with impeccable precision. This width of the inactive zone in the Perovskite thin-film battery is diminished, leaving hardly any rough surface area. Once this smoothness on the Perovskite film battery is achieved, the further manufacturing process of Perovskite Solar Cells is simplified. Without a doubt, this innovative process is a breakthrough that will revolutionize the entire solar cell design.

Photovoltaic Products: Strong Partnership for Continual Development:

Dazheng (Jiangsu) Micro-Nano Technologies Co., Ltd., now referred to as Dazheng Micro – Nano needs no additional introduction. They are one of the foremost precision manufacturers of flexible Perovskite Thin Film Solar Cell Modules in China. Also, they have filed and got approval for 20+ patents. Professor Miyasaka Tsutomu invented the latest Perovskite Solar Cells. He is from Japan and was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2017.

JPT provided additional support to Dazheng Micro-Nano and initiated the developmental project of Flexible Perovskite Film Cutting Equipment. The main advantages of this project are:

  • Subdue different hurdles like referenced stock technologies
  • Overcome all the difficulties in handling crucial glitches.
  • Long-term development planning

And, without ambiguity, the finished products have met the desired expectations. Even the technical knowledge has been set aside, which will facilitate the production of Flexible Perovskite Films on a vast scale.

Because of the initiative of JPT in connection with the Flexible Perovskite Film Cutting Equipment, they have achieved the leading edge over others concerning research and development (R&D) programs of the 3rd generation Photovoltaic Laser Equipment as well! Because of JPT’s positive efforts, they are expected to garner additional market development space.

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