7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Apartment Cool During the Summer

During the summer, it becomes too difficult to stay cool. Using an air conditioner is usually the best way for most people to keep the temperature under control, but at times, using it too frequently can break the bank. Even when temperatures start to get more bearable, you would still need some form of proper ventilation and cool air to keep you going without getting in the way of you going about your daily tasks. Read on below to discover some ways to help you stay cool indoors without having to spend a fortune.

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1. Draw the Blinds in the Morning

Sunlight can make a room extremely hot. Consider keeping your blinds drawn to prevent your rooms from overheating. Make sure you reopen the curtains or blinds as soon as the sun goes down for a little while to allow some fresh air in and stay consistent with the process. If you want to let some sunlight in, avoid doing so after midday. You may also want to invest in some chiffon curtains, so you can enjoy natural lighting without having the room to heat up.Window furnishings can be really expensive, but for those that want a save a little, consider buying DIY blinds online.

2. Choose Breathable Clothes

What you wear indoors has a great impact on how cool or hot you feel. It probably goes without saying that you should avoid layers by all means when the summer months start making an appearance. Instead, consider lighter clothing options with breathable fabric to help you deal with the extreme heat conditions without feeling uncomfortable. Look for cotton shirts and shorts and avoid wool and fleece as much as possible.

3. Install a Ceiling Fan

Installing a fan in your home can be the ultimate budget-friendly solution to having cool air in your home. By installing large ceiling fans in any or all of the rooms in your home along with having the blinds down, you would be able to enjoy cool temperatures indoors without having to spend a fortune.

You do not have to worry about having to pay a lot of money on bills as most ceiling fans are power-efficient yet they offer great results. Just make sure you invest in a high-quality fan that is durable. Remember to also clean the fan every once in a while to remove any dirt that could compromise air quality.

4. Optimize the Fans You Have

Along with purchasing a large fan that you install in typical warm rooms, look for ways to optimize fans you already own. It is not difficult to optimize them, but be sure that they are worth investing in. A low-quality fan will have you spend more to fix it. If you don’t know how you can do that yourself, see if you can hire a professional to do it.  You can also try to oil the fans to make sure they run smoothly without any annoying noises.

An easy trick to make your fans run more efficiently is by installing them to run counter-clockwise in a way that would push the warm air away and bring the cool air in. It does not need that much work, but it is a trick worth trying for a better flow of cool air in your home. You can also place several stand fans by an open window to bring some fresh air in.

5. No-Heat Light Bulbs

Light bulbs can be a massive source of heat in any house. Many people do not realize just how much heat the light bulbs they have installed in their apartments can generate. An easy way to eliminate another source of heat in your home is by decreasing the number of heat-generating light bulbs you have installed and replacing them with energy-saving no-heat bulbs.

These are cost-effective and would not overheat during the summer. You will also be able to save up on bills, as these alternatives are more power-efficient. Alternatively, you can limit light sources during nighttime to stand lamps that you can dim.

6. Unplug Appliances When Possible

Keeping any electrical appliances plugged in when you are not using them can end up generating a lot of heat. By unplugging all the unused appliances, you would not only end up saving a lot of money on electricity, but you would also notice a drastic difference in the temperature of your home.

You may not notice a drastic difference immediately, but after a few days of unplugging your unused devices, you’ll find that the temperature indoors has dropped at least a couple of degrees. This is also advised because it lengthens the lifespan of your appliances. You don’t have to unplug all your appliances, only the ones that run when you’re not using them such as microwave ovens.

7. Purchase Breathable Sheets

The bedding you sleep on every night can be a huge contributing factor to how warm you while asleep. Similar to what you would do with clothing, you should consider investing in breathable sheets that are made out of soft fabric to help you have a good night’s sleep without being overwhelmed by your body heat.

While satin can be an efficient way to stay warm on cold nights, they can be uncomfortable during the summer. Cotton should always be your go-to fabric on warm nights, as it also helps absorb sweat and keeps the sheets cool and dry. Make sure you look at the labels on your bedding before making a purchase so that you can ensure they are made entirely out of cotton or any other soft breathable fabric.

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After a long hard day, it is a great feeling to go back to a cool apartment without having to turn on the air conditioner. Whether you choose to get a large ceiling fan, wear breezy clothing, or draw the blinds before you leave for work, always look for ways in which you can stay cool without having to spend a fortune. Our guide will also help you conserve energy and save up on electricity bills, all while staying within your budget on your hunt for a cooler summer.

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