How To Keep Calm As A Boss

Keep Calm boss - image 123When you’re the boss it can be difficult to keep as calm as you would like; there are always questions being asked, your time is always needed in a variety of different places seemingly at once, you are expected to know all the answers and deal with all the issues. This can cause a lot of stress, leading to a boss who, far from being calm and level-headed, snaps and shouts and generally aren’t very pleasant to be around. Staying calm as a boss is good for your health, and it’s good for your reputation as a manager; the calmer you can be, the happier people will be to work for you, plus you’ll come across as much more competent too. Here are some ways you can do it.

Take A Break

One of the simplest ways to stay calm is to step away from the situation that is causing you stress and taking a break. It could be a few minutes, or you might decide to fight this particular battle after a good night’s sleep. That choice is yours. However, whatever you do you will need to do something to take your mind off the issue; thinking about it all the time is going to do nothing to keep you calm and will probably make you feel worse. Go online and enjoy the casino at Unibet, read the news, watch a movie, go to an exercise class, even take a nap.

Choose to do something that will take your mind off the issue, and that makes you happy at the same time. Day Designer explains why you’ll feel better for it because you will have done something just for you, plus you will have been living in the moment, and not stressing about what did or did not get done at work.

Remember You Can Do This

You were hired or took on the role of employer, boss, or manager due to your competency. In other words, you can do this. Whatever is causing you stress, you are perfectly capable of dealing with it, even if it seems like it is something that you would rather not have on your to-do list.

We often find that we doubt ourselves when a big problem comes at us, but in the majority of cases, we are more than able to do whatever it takes to solve that problem and keep calm whilst doing it. By simply taking a moment to pause and reminding yourself that you can do this, you will be halfway there. Once you have done what needs to be done and achieved a good result, you will be more likely to be less stressed in the future because you have proved your abilities to yourself, and this means you will be a much calmer boss in general. HuffPost tells us we need to believe in ourselves more and it will definitely help.

Make A Plan

One of the easiest ways to stay in top of your workload, even if it is a truly busy one, is to make a plan, according to Marketing 91. Having everything mapped out in front of you in order or priority and deadline will allow you to work in a methodical manner. You will also be able to see what can easily be delegated and what you need to work on yourself.

Having a plan means that you won’t suddenly remember something you were meant to be doing; this will always make you feel less calm. It will also mean that you also know exactly what is happening; you will feel in control, your stress levels will be greatly reduced, and your calm demeanor will be apparent to everyone around you.

To make this list, take some time to really brainstorm what is required of you. Gather all the information together about what you have been asked to do, or what you know needs to be done. Next, list everything out in order of when it needs to be completed by. If there is no specific deadline, create one, taking into account how long the job will take and what you need to do it for. Remember, putting off a job that is unpleasant will only cause you more stress in the end. Either delegate it, which is a skill every boss should have or do it at the start; everything else will feel much easier when it is done.

Ask Questions

Even bosses need to be given information from time to time. If you are taking on a new project or client, make sure you have a list of relevant questions ready to ask. This shows that you are interested in the work at hand, and also that you understand what is required, even if you don’t know all the information that will be needed. As well as a tactic to keep yourself calm, it will impress the client, showing that you know what you are doing and making a great first impression, which Skillcrush says is all important.

As a boss, it might be that the people around you simply expect you to know everything about a certain piece of work, or your industry. As a boss, you should certainly know a lot, but you cannot possibly know everything; no one does. Don’t think that asking questions is a sign of weakness; asking questions will give you more knowledge and, as the saying goes, knowledge is power. Asking questions means that the work is done right the first time, and you will be able to stay a lot calmer during the process.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Finally, remember that nothing lasts forever. Stressful situations and time periods are a given when it comes to running and managing a business, however, with each stressful period comes an endpoint, and a deadline will arrive.

Keeping this in mind should help you to stay much calmer. It shouldn’t mean that you don’t do a good job, or you don’t try hard, but it does mean that you know there is relief coming soon; what, then, is the point in becoming angry, frustrated, or stressed?