Keep Data Safe When Replacing IT Equipment

Modern technology has advanced at a rapid pace in the last several years and has improved the quality of life for both personal and professional use. Your business likely has an assortment of IT equipment ranging from computers to laptops, to smartphones, and others.

However, as technology is ever-changing you may need to replace your work equipment for an assortment of reasons such as you need better equipment, a platform has reached the end of life, or older equipment has reached the point of diminishing returns and should be replaced instead of repaired.

Replacing IT equipment - making sure data is protected
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When you need to upgrade your IT equipment replacing it is only part of the process, even after new equipment has been issued the question of how to dispose of IT assets is an important one. Improper disposal of old computers and other data-sensitive devices can create issues for your company in terms of data protection. Hiring a professional ensures your old equipment is correctly handled.

The Danger of Data Leaks

The internet has had an impact on modern life that is almost impossible to measure. However, this interconnection and sharing of information for both business and personal reasons have to lead to a rise in cybercrime.

Many cybercriminals focus on identifying information some for the purposes of financial fraud and others steal this data to sell to other criminal enterprises. While common attack methods such as ransomware, phishing, and more brute force hacking are common they are not the only way criminals steal data.

Data and Old Devices

famous study in 2003 saw 158 hard drives collected for various second-hand stores and other sources dealing in old computer equipment. Several of these were found to contain identifying information such as account numbers, medical records, personal information, account passwords, and other valuable data.

Equipment used for business purposes is no less vulnerable in fact the hard drives of your company’s computers more than likely contain more identifiable information for several clients and employees.

If a cybercriminal gains access to an improperly disposed of hard drive they may not only gain access to important records they may be able to acquire information (such as usernames or passwords) that can be used in various types of cyberattacks. When you trust your old equipment to a disposal professional you can rest assured all your old computers and smartphones are properly wiped and any important data and log-ins are fully removed.


When you need to dispose of old IT equipment the job needs to be done correctly to ensure safety for not only your clients but also your company and all the people who work for you. In addition to data security concerns, a professional will also ensure your old equipment is safely disposed of. This can prevent environmental issues such as polluting the atmosphere or groundwater or any issues with batteries which in addition to environmental damage can cause fires.

By hiring a professional ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition) company you don’t have to worry about your company’s vital information, any possible pollution, or violation of local environmental laws.

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