7 Effective Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy and Feeling Secure in their Job Role

While the key to a successful business might be increasing profitability, there is more that goes into it than creating a desirable product. You also need to ensure that every part of your company is working efficiently and effectively, and that extends most importantly to your employees.

Employees happy image 439942As a company owner, you are the face of the company, but your employees are the ones who deal with customers on a one-to-one basis much more frequently. Therefore, it is important to increase the work ethic of your staff and keep them happy in their job role. So, here are some effective ways to boost employee morale and job satisfaction that you can utilize within your business.

Appreciate and acknowledge hard work

It is true that recognition for hard work should not be a requirement for people to do their jobs to a high standard. However, if your employees are going above and beyond to excel at their jobs and are not receiving any recognition in return, then they may feel as though there is no point doing more than the bare minimum that is expected of them. It doesn’t take much time out of your day to send an email to a worthy employee or even pull them into your office to have a quick chat so that you can praise them for continuing to work at a high level.

No matter how you decide to go about showing appreciation, you are likely to find that any kind of recognition will boost morale further and help keep your employees working to a high standard. Plus, showing appreciation for hard work may also motivate those who might not currently be meeting the mark to be more like their colleagues, which will in turn help to boost efficiency in the work place overall.

Recognize progress

Some people are slow to take to a new job role, but that doesn’t mean that they might not become one of your best employees if given the right opportunities, time and assistance in learning. While giving constructive criticism can be really useful for helping an employee develop their skills further (and is also important for ensuring that they do their jobs properly), you should also ensure that you quickly recognize and praise progress in your employees so that they don’t become discourage.

You should try to avoid putting anyone who works for you in a particular box or labelling them as being less effective, as this may have a negative impact on their scope for success. For example, in some instances, an employee who missed their deadlines a lot for a few weeks at the start of their contract but who hasn’t missed a single one since can be stuck with the label as being ‘unreliable’, even though they are now a model employee. This can be frustrating and off-putting for employees who put a lot of effort into their work and may eventually lead to them being less efficient workers.

Offer financial rewards

While praise in itself is important, when an employee is consistently displaying a dedicated work ethic and is proving to be an invaluable part of your company, you should consider offering them a financial reward.

While raises and bonuses might not be completely necessary and should not be handed out lightly, they should be on offer to give your employees something to aspire to. Of course, you should only consider giving a pay rise to someone who exceeds company expectations and goes above and beyond to ensure the success and profitability of the company.

Pay rises should also be given alongside an increased level of responsibility, as this will compensate some of the extra money you are going to be giving the employee and also enhance their drive to see the company succeed. Making changes to your employee benefits or altering salaries can sometimes make life a little more difficult for the human resources department within your company, so you may want to consider using Payroll Software to automatically sync any changes into your system and make life a little easier while cutting costs through increased efficiency.

Show your employees that you trust them

The more that your employees feel like valued members of your business, the more respect they will have for the company values, which will further their drive to be a part of its continued success. One of the best ways to show your staff that you value and respect them as individual workers is to put your trust and faith in their abilities.

Try to delegate tasks to people without feeling the need to micromanage, as this will just put your employees under increased pressure and make them feel like they aren’t capable of undergoing tasks without being under constant supervision. After all, it is important to give people the opportunity to grow and learn new things in their own time.

You can also allow your employees to have more of a say in their work by asking for their opinions and ideas on projects, even if their input is only small. The more input people have in their place of work, the more secure they will feel in their job role. If you want to encourage employees to take more initiative, then you should consider offering the opportunity of increased responsibility, rather than randomly assigning or demanding it. This will show you who is willing to put in the extra work and step up to the plate, and it will also create a more relaxed environment in the work space.

Offer opportunities for personal growth

Many people don’t aspire to have a job for the sake of a job: most people aim to have a career that offers them opportunities to expand on their knowledge and achieve new levels of success. Therefore, one of the best ways to motivate your employees and ensure their continued happiness within your company is to offer new opportunities for growth and self-development. This is one of the many reasons that it is important to have a structured hierarchy within the work place, as it creates more positions for people to aspire to when they have peaked at their current level.

Alternatively, if there aren’t many opportunities for promotion within your company, then you may want to consider offering education programs funded by your company to hard working employees who could benefit from broadening their skillset. Not only does this help your employees by furthering their knowledge, but it can also be an asset to your business in the long run, as it will foster company loyalty and make the participants better employees overall.

Employees happy image 333333Treat your workers like individuals

You are likely to find that your employees will feel a lot more appreciated if you treat them as individuals rather than just another replaceable figure within your staff. The more that people feel individually appreciated, the greater singular responsibility they will feel for the success of the company and the more likely they are to work hard within their role.

Though it can be difficult for your business when individual employees have a personal life that interferes with their working life, it is important to be understanding of people’s individual differences. After all, if people feel that their individual wellbeing is being overlooked, they will feel less obligated to look after the company’s wellbeing in return.

Therefore, try to prioritize a healthy work-life balance for all of your employees and show them that you understand that their individual needs are just as important as your own. This will also help to keep the mental and physical wellbeing of your employees from dropping and avoid profits lost to sickness related absence.

Keep your team informed

Inviting your employees to feel like part of the bigger picture is vital for keeping up morale and promoting loyalty to your company. Additionally, promoting good communication and openness fosters trust and lasting relationships between employees and management. By talking through your goals and plans for the company going forward, you will also keep your work force looking towards the future, which will motivate them to stay on track in the present. Plus, you will also create stronger teamwork values if people are made to feel like the whole company is on a journey together, rather than turning the work place into a setting for unnecessary competiveness and hostility.

Moreover, not only is it important to set clear goals for both individual employees and the company as a whole, but it is also vital that you take the time to celebrate these milestones when they are met. Celebrations of success give people goals to look forward to and help them feel like their hard work has led to a much greater achievement.

However, it is important to be aware that you must be consistent across the board if you choose to celebrate the successes of individual employees; showing appreciation to some and not others for the same achievements will create resentments, foster unproductive competitive behavior, and may be disheartening to some hard-working employees who feel they aren’t getting the recognition they deserve.

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