Modern Ways To Keep Your New Little Feline At Home

Modern Ways To Keep Your New Little Feline At Home - image of kittenOne of the biggest struggles with owning a cat is keeping it inside and safe from the dangers around it. Throughout the years, cats have evolved from being carnivorous hunters and into the domesticated animals that we know and love. Although they have been domesticated, it does not mean that they have lost all of their roots and ties to hunting.

Therefore, you might find your cat will want to go outside in an attempt to hunt for the food itself. This can bring about many problems, as your cat could get injured while it is outside, it could get lost when it tries to return home, and finally, it could catch a myriad of different health problems such as worms. Here are some modern wars to keep your new cat at home:

Provide Your Cat with Proper Nutrition

A cat might look to go outside because it is not getting the proper nutrition or diet that it needs to survive. It will turn to hunt for other animals. Therefore, it is important that the diet that you provide your cat is enough to sustain it and keep it healthy. The two aspects of their diet to look at, are the food itself, and their water. Picking up quality cat food that they enjoy will ensure that your new cat is constantly eating and getting the proper vitamins it needs to survive. The other thing to look into is water for your cat. While most people will use a simple water bowl, it is not good to have water lie still for long periods of time.

You want something that can constantly circulate the water and be there whenever your cat is thirsty. Cat water fountains are a great solution to this. These water fountains are great for staying hydrated as they have large storage capacity and will keep the water cold and flowing. Would you drink old water that has sat around for a whole day? If you wouldn’t, why would you let your cat? Give your cat the nutrition it needs, and you will find it will not be attempting to go outside.

Give your Cat Toys

After your cat has been given a balanced diet, they have to be given away to have fun and play. Just like any creature, cats enjoy being able to play. By getting your cat a variety of toys built especially for them, you can ensure that they will be having a great time. These toys will keep them active and through rigorous play, they will drain their energy and not have a desire to go outside.

These toys will also allow you to form a better relationship with your cat. The other advantage to giving them toys, is that it gives them something to do if you are ever away from them. If you work during the day, you need to provide your cat with something to do for the eight hours that you are gone. By getting them a handful of toys and a space of their own, you will find that your cat will make much fewer escape attempts and will be happy right in your home.

Spay or Neuter Your Cat

One of the biggest reasons your cat is looking to go outside is because they are not spayed or neutered. It is a basic animal instinct to want to find a mate and reproduce with them. Your cat’s reproductive organs will produce hormones enticing them to do this. By having them spayed or neutered, these hormones will not be produced and therefore will greatly decrease their drive to go outside.

Studies have shown that up to 90 percent of all cats will lose their desire to roam and go outside if their reproductive organs are shut down. This will also ensure that you do not have any unwanted litters created. Keep your cat healthy and inside the house by getting spayed or neutered at your local vet.

Modern Ways To Keep Your New Little Feline At Home - image2 cats jumpingIt might be tough at first to keep your cat indoors, but with proper practice, soon they will lose all desire to leave. By ensuring that they get the proper hydration and nutrition at home, it will deter them from attempting to find their own food.

Giving them toys will keep them happy and engaged while you are gone. Finally, by spaying or neutering your cat, they will lose the instinct to mate and will be much more content with staying in. By following all of these tips, you can keep your new little feline safe and inside. Which method will you try out?


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